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Construction Crane Transport Services

Trust Heavy Haulers to ship your valuable crane anywhere in the US, Canada or Mexico. Ship your truck cranes, rough terrain cranes, aerial cranes, tower cranes - no crane is too large. Call the transportation experts at Heavy Haulers today to ship your crane, 800-908-6206.

Construction Cranes Transported by Heavy Haulers

Shipping Grove RT630 Truck Crane

Heavy Haulers recently shipped this 2006 Grove RT630 Truck Crane from Ladd Illinois, to Bourg, Louisiana. The trip was nearly 940 miles long. Weight: 60,000 pounds. Length: 38 feet. Width: 9 feet 8 inches. Height: 12 feet 1 inch. Call Mike at Heavy Haulers (800-908-6206, ext. 722) to ship your truck cranes anywhere in the US, Canada or Mexico.

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