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Heavy Haulers - Heavy Equipment Transport Specialists

Heavy Haulers specializes in hauling heavy loads throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. We ship heavy machinery, construction equipment (including cranes), farming and agricultural equipment, drilling rigs and drilling gear. We arrange wideload, Super Load transportation and international exports. For heavy hauling services you can count on, choose Heavy Haulers.

Heavy Haulers representatives will be onsite ready to assist you with transportation anywhere in the US, Canada or Mexico for your purchases.

Need to deliver equipment to one of the February actions for consignment? Contact Heavy Haulers today for free transportation quotes at (800) 908-6206.

Heavy Haulers transports equipment from construction equipment dealers in Orlando, including:

 ● Northern Tool & Equipment:
 (407) 856-5612

 ● Ring Power:
 (407) 855-6195

 ● Synergy Equipment:
 (407) 273-7383

 ● Trekker Tractor:
 (407) 568-5116

 ● Walker Miller Equipment:
 (407) 299-2620

 ● Briggs Equipment:
 (407) 841-4202

Heavy Haulers ships equipment from construction equipment rental centers in Orlando, including:

 ● Blueline Rentals:
 (407) 384-8200

 ● CBS Rental & Supply:
 (407) 291-3162

 ● Flagler Construction Equipment:
 (407) 850-9614

 ● Herc Rentals:
 (407) 240-2132

 ● Sunbelt Rentals:
 (407) 578-2400

 ● United Rentals:
 (407) 851-1660

Heavy Haulers hauls equipment to and from construction auctions in Orlando, including:

 ● Alex Lyons & Sons:
 (407) 239-2700

 ● George Gideon Auctioneers:
 (407) 886-2211

 ● Jeff Martin Auctioneers:
 (601) 450-6200

 ● Number One Auctions:
 (407) 551-9573

 ● Ritchie Brothers Auctioneers:
 (863) 420-9919

 ● Yoder & Frey Auctioneers:
 (407) 396-6060

February is auction month in and around Orlando, Florida. Four premier heavy-equipment action firms are holding large consignment auctions in February, including:

  •    Alex Lyons & Sons (Feb. 3 - Feb.11)

  •    Jeff Martin (Feb. 12 - Feb. 14)

  •    Yoder & Frey (Feb. 13 - Feb. 19)

  •    Ritchie Brothers (Feb. 19- Feb. 23)

Heavy Haulers representatives will be onsite ready to assist you with transportation anywhere in the US, Canada or Mexico for your purchases.

Heavy Haulers Equipment Transportation

Heavy Haulers offers trustworthy and reliable freight transportation services. We specialize in shipping construction equipment, heavy machinery and other large loads. Heavy Haulers is fully licensed, bonded and insured to ship freight throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Our experienced drivers can transport loads of any size, shape or dimensions. Trust our team of logistics professionals to plot your cheapest path. We provide load tracking upon request, and our service agents are available 24 hours a day. If you’re looking for a transportation company you can trust, call Heavy Haulers at 800-908-6206. We want your repeat business!

Our History

Our parent company has operated since 2006. Our corporate offices are located in Burlington, Kentucky; Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Los Angeles, California. We have agents stationed throughout the country to assist you with transporting heavy machinery. Our drivers are experienced heavy haul professionals. Our knowledgeable representatives are waiting to assist you now.

We offer transparent pricing, great rates and superb customer service. For the best heavy hauling service in the nation, contact Heavy Haulers. Complete our quick-response contact form for fast service, or call our representatives at (800) 908-6206 to learn more.

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