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Common Hazards That Could Delay Equipment Delivery

In a perfect world, equipment gets from their pick-up point to their ultimate destination safely, timely, and with no headaches. Of course, this is not a perfect world. If you use domestic or
international shipping services
regularly, you have most probably used the phrase “why is my cargo late?” Sure. This might have been the fault of the heavy hauling company shipping your equipment. But the shipping company faces other common risks that could delay your equipment shipping and delivery. These include:

Shipping and Transport Route Disruptions

Various forces beyond your control could disrupt the shipping routes. Natural disasters, pandemics, and political unrests could lead to road closures and travel restrictions impacting your travel schedules. While it might be hard to control such events, there are a few ways to work around them and make the process less stressful.

Hiring professional heavy haul trucking experts provides valuable benefits. These professionals will monitor and analyze local, regional, national, and global events and weather patterns to anticipate problems. In case of any issues, they leverage their extensive knowledge and experience to modify alternative safe and reliable routes for delivery.

Driver Fatigue Experienced During Long Haul

Long-distance trucking is common but taxing. DOT laws are in effect to keep both the driver and surrounding traffic safe. Lack of enough sleep and exhaustion can seriously impact a driver’s attention and performance on the road, making them unstable for the task. Suffice to say, driving under such conditions might lead to severe accidents.

Renowned heavy hauling companies such as Heavy Haulers treat their drivers like family. They treat them with respect and dignity, pay them on time and give them enough time to rest. They also ensure that their drivers are in perfect health conditions before getting behind the wheels. While they have been in the industry for years, these drivers are continuously trained to keep them knowledgeable and reliable. This keeps them well informed on the various potential hazards that could delay equipment delivery and the different ways of mitigating them.

Lack of Proper Permits, Especially During Interstate/Intercountry Hauling

Shipping oversized equipment such as tractors, bulldozers, or anything else categorized as a oversize or super load, having the wrong or no state permit can have devastating consequences. Some of them include travel restrictions, hefty fines, and enforcement action. That is why it is crucial that you have all the necessary permits required for successful shipping. Unfortunately, different states and countries have additional permit requirements and shipping regulations. It is therefore crucial that you have the proper permits for your heavy equipment every step of the way.

The best thing about working with an experienced shipping company is that they will manage the entire transport process without you lifting a finger. Acquiring the right permits for heavy equipment hauling is a complicated process that will take you lots of time and money. Fortunately, your shipping partners will handle the process for you and ensure that your load is safely and legally transported. They also have the correct shipping equipment such as flatbed, RGN, step deck, and lowboy trailers to accommodate all kinds of loads. This saves you the extra cost and headache that comes with hiring this equipment from third-party companies.

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