Hassle-Free RV Transport Across All of North America

Transporting an RV can be a monstrous and unnerving task. Whether you're selling, buying, or moving it, the entire process can take a toll on you. If you're looking for a reliable company to transport your motorhomes, RVs, and campers, Heavy Haulers has what it takes. No matter the size or destination, we’ll deliver your RV on time and in its original condition.

We are legally permitted to transport RVs across all of North America, including Canada and Mexico. With over a decade in the industry and qualified drivers, you're guaranteed a hassle-free motorhome transportation. In addition to stellar services, you will also enjoy our competitive prices. We believe in quality and affordability. Hire us for RV transportation services, and you'll thank yourself that you did it.

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RV Transport 101: Haul Your RV with Heavy Haulers

Undoubtedly, transporting an RV seems ironic. But if you're looking for a reliable transporter, Heavy Haulers is here with you. We understand you need the most trusted and stellar services for shipping a motorhome or RV. We make the entire journey easy and seamless by ensuring we have RV transport specialists on the road. Our logistics team will handle your RV transpot from start to finish. They will find you an affordable RV shipping estimate, obtain any permits or paperwork, and pair you with an experienced driver capable of handeling your RV transport needs. Call now! (800) 908-6206

We have different services for hauling your motorhome or RV, which include:

  • Tow-Away Services: This method of hauling RV involves special trucks and equipment to ensure safe and secure loading and transportation.
  • Flatbed Services:The method consists of flatbed trailers and large trucks. It allows us to haul multiple RVs at a time.
  • Drive-away Services: In this method, we dispatch a qualified driver to drive and haul your motorhome to your desired destination.

Common Motorhomes and RVs Heavy Haulers Transport

  • ● Class A Motorhomes and RVs

  • ● Class B Motorhomes and RVs

  • ● Class C Motorhomes and RVs

  • ● Towable RVs

  • ● Campers

  • ● Fifthwheels

  • ● Travel Trailers

  • ● Expandable Trailers

  • ● Toy Haulers

Recent RV Shipments by Heavy Haulers

RV transported on a trailer RV transport

Vintage Airstream RV Transport

  • Shipping From: Franklin, MA 02038

  • Transporting To: Los Angeles, CA 90066

  • Specs:
    27L 8W X 10.5H X 8,500LBS

  • Transport Specialist: JT Tomasso

RV transported on a trailer RV transport

Shipping a Mountain Aire RV

  • Shipping From: Palmetto, FL 34221

  • Transporting To: Jacksonville, FL 32226

  • Specs:
    38L 8.5W X 11H X 26,000 LBS

  • Transport Specialist: Ray Wilson
    (954) 549-5264 EXT 747

RV transported on a trailer RV transport

Magna Motorhome Outrigger Haul

  • Shipping From: Saskatoon, SK

  • Transporting To: Edmonton, AB

  • Specs:
    45L 8W X 12.10H X 52,000 LBS

  • Transport Specialist: Milos Visnjic
    (754) 203-9287

 RV being hauled on a trailer  RV being transported

Keystone Travel Trailer Transport

  • Shipping From: Newton, AL 36352

  • Transporting To: Jacksonville, FL 32226

  • Specs:
    37L 15W X 10.5H X 8,500LBS

  • Transport Specialist:JT Tomassa

RV transported on a trailer RV transport

Transporting a Ford RV on an RGN

  • Shipping From: Palmetto, FL 34221

  • Transporting To: Jacksonville, FL 32226

  • Specs:
    25L 8.5W X 10.5H X 15,000LBS

  • Transport Specialist: JT Tomassa

Tear drop RV being hauled on a trailer Tear drop RV being transported

Shipping a Mercedes Motorhome

  • Shipping From: Louisville, KY 40272

  • Transporting To: Baltimore, MD 21226

  • Specs:
    25L 8.5W X 11.5H X 15,000 LBS

  • Transport Specialist: JT Tomassa

Is Shipping an RV Expensive?

The price of shipping an RV is based on multiple things. A few of these factors include the type of RV, how far you plan to transport it, along with details that may vary, such as the price of gas and toll charges. It can cost anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars to move. Since the price varies greatly depending on the route, time of year, size of the RV and several other factors, it’s best to call one of our logistics agents. They’ll take all the provided information and find the best solution possible to ship your RV.

Truck pulling removable gooseneck illustration

Motorhome and RV Transport Tips:

  • ● RV and motorhome transport is hauling, shipping, towing, and moving your RV by tractor trailer as opposed to self driving.

  • ● Have the RV make, model, dimensions, and weight for the logistics agent.

  • ● The cost of shipping an RV varies based on the type, size, weight, freight class, and distance to be traveled.

  • ● Make sure all interior compartments of your motorhome, RV, or towable are latched and sealed.

  • ● RV transport may be done with flatbed shipping services, driveaway services, or towing services.

Transport RVs With The Professionals - Heavy Haulers!

A RV can be very challenging to transport. Whether it's a small or large, Heavy Haulers has moved them all. We understand what types of trailers are needed for specific types of RVs, from flatbeds to low-boys. Heavy Haulers has the right rig to safely ship your RV anywhere in North America or internationally.

Fifthwheels rv illustration

Fifthwheel RV

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Common Trailer Types Available from Heavy Haulers

Heavy Haulers specializes in hauling heavy loads such as construction equipment, oil field rigging and Super Loads. We are wideload experts! We offer an extensive range of trailer choices, including:

Flatbed tow truck illustration

Best Motorhome and RV Shipping Services with Heavy Haulers

With over a decade of experience, Heavy Haulers has become one of the leading RV transport companies in the industry. We provide a variety of options to fit whatever motorhome, towable, or RV shipping needs you have.

  • ● Most reliable RV transport company.

  • ● Affordable RV and motorhome shipping prices.

  • ● Hassle-free motorhome shipping and transportation services.

  • ● Smooth International RV shipping to United States, Canada, and Mexico.

  • ● Experienced RV and motorhome transport drivers provide you with a confident experience.

Common RV Manufacturers We Transports

Trust Heavy Haulers to transport any brand of equipment you own. Most of our drivers are experienced heavy-machinery operators who can safely maneuver your loads aboard our trailers. Some of the brands we have shipped include:

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Flatbed tow truck illustration

Heavy Haulers RV Shipping Services Include:

  • ● Motorhome and RV Transport

  • ● Shipping RVs across the country

  • ● Transporting RVs locally

  • ● International RV shipping, transporting, and hauling

  • ● Transporting motorhome fleets

  • ● Driveaway RV and motorhome transport services

  • ● Motorhome, RV, campers, and towables shipping services

  • ● All RV class motorhomes hauling

  • ● Towable RV transportation services

  • ● RV and motorhome towing services

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