Crane Transportation in all 50 States, Canada, Mexico, and Now Internationally!

Heavy Haulers is a specialized heavy equipment transport service, with the capability to ship your construction crane through busy city streets or into the undeveloped rural areas. Our drivers are experienced moving heavy loads on time – and on budget. Each professional is licensed, bonded, and insured. We know that as a busy contractor, you need to get your crane and other heavy construction equipment from one job site to the next. From planning the best route anywhere in North America to securing your load to prevent damage, Heavy Haulers focuses on safety and service. One phone call to (800) 908-6206 gets your door-to-door service started.

Shipping Your Oversizes Crane with Heavy Haulers

Liebherr LTM 1150 Crane equipment shipping load
Transporting a Liebherr LTM 1150 Crane

Heavy Haulers has plenty of experience moving heavy equipment, including grove truck cranes and Terex hydraulic cranes. These machines may not be able to travel alone on busy streets, so Heavy Haulers selects the correctly rated trailer and rig to move the entire route. Cranes can be difficult to negotiate through cramped streets of urban areas, but our drivers enjoy the challenge! Heavy Haulers doesn't just ship cranes. We can move your entire construction set-up in a convoy from Alaska to Mexico.

Crane Transport 101: Ship Your Crane with Heavy Haulers!

Choose Heavy Haulers to ship your truck crane or stationary rig. Our logistics specialists plan your route to ensure that your rig and trailer are compliant with state and local regulations. Paperwork for weigh stations and customs hs completed before your crane's journey beings, to make sure there are no unnecessary delays or red tape. From loading to unloading, trust the team at Heavy Haulers to move your cranes – and any other heavy equipment – from coast to coast. Give us a call today at (800) 908-6206 for a FREE, no-obligation quote!

Recent Cranes Transported by Heavy Haulers

Holmes-Century HC100 Crane Shipped on an RGN Trailer Holmes-Century HC100 Crane Transported on an RGN Trailer

Holmes-Century HC100 Crane Transported on an RGN Trailer

  • Shipping From: Newnan, GA 30265

  • Transporting To: Hastings, MI 49058

  • Specs: Holmes-Century HC100 Crane; 35L X 8.6W X 13.4H; 90,000lbs

  • Transport Specialist: Jay Hays
    (561) 214-4984

Grove RT875BXL crane hauled Hauling a 2007 Terex RT175 Crane

Grove RT875BXL Crane Transported on an RGN Trailer

  • Shipping From: La Porte, TX 77571

  • Transporting To: Galveston, TX

  • Specs: Grove RT875BXL Crane; 45L X 12.09W X12.8H; 103,000lbs

  • Transport Specialist: Milos Visnjic
    (954) 495-9745

Tadano TR300 crane shipped intrastate Tadano TR300 crane hauled Intrastate

Tadano TR300 Crane Transported Intrastate

  • Shipping From: Spokane, WA 99220

  • Transporting To: Tacoma, WA

  • Specs: Tadano TR300 Crane; 36L X 9W X 11.8H; 58,000lbs

  • Transport Specialist: Milos Visnjic
    (954) 495-9745

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a crane loaded on a low-profile step deck

How To Ship a Crane

Let Heavy Haulers eliminate the headaches of transporting your crane to it's new job site location. We have the expertise to handle the logistic concerns when dealing with equipment this large. Whether your equipment needs a double deck, RGN or a extended trailer, we have the team to handle the permitting and routing of the move. Heavy Haulers can help ship your crane locally, regionally or from coast to coast.

We care about your equipment as if it was our own and will help you find the most efficient (and cheapest) route available. If you crane is too large for transport on one trailer, our millwrights can break it down and we can ensure that that all pieces arrive at the new destination at the same time.

Common Trailer Types Available from Heavy Haulers

Heavy Haulers specializes in hauling heavy loads such as construction equipment, oil field rigging and Super Loads. We are wideload experts! We offer an extensive range of trailer choices, including:


Types of Equipment Heavy Haulers has Experience Transporting

Trust Heavy Haulers to transport any brand of equipment you own. Most of our drivers are experienced heavy-machinery operators who can safely maneuver your loads aboard our trailers. Some of the brands we have shipped include:

Heavy Haulers Ships Cranes

Heavy Haulers ships cranes. Speak with one of our logistics professionals to arrange efficient and affordable transportation for your crane. Your representative shops for the best rates for you, dispatches your load when you’re ready, and shepherds your transport to a successful conclusion. Let’s begin our relationship today.

Heavy Haulers offers:

  • Door-to-door transport
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Free Cancellations
  • Contingency Insurance

Heavy Haulers can handle shipping your Construction Lift

Crane Towing Services
How to Decide Towing VS Shipping

Need a Crane towing service? Heavy Haulers is North America's largest towing service provider. We provide towing services for all heavy machinery, including light, medium, and heavy-duty equipment. We have operated in the industry for more than a decade, and we have the experience, the best towing vehicles, and the best towing personnel who will ensure your Crane is in its destination right when you need it. Call us today on (800) 908 6206 and experience the best towing services ever.

See More of Our Recent Crane Transports

Hauling a Tadano TR300E Crane on an RGN Trailer

Heavy Haulers recently transported this 1991 Tadano TR300E Rough Terrain Crane over 1,200 miles to its next jobsite. We picked up this big red in Gillette, WY and delivered in Compton, CA and she was ready to work as soon as it touched the ground. It measured 29 feet in length, 9 feet in width, 11 feet in height and weighed 59,000 pounds. This shipment did require permits which Heavy Haulers handled. If you need your 1991 Tadano TR300E Crane, or any other heavy equipment, transported to the next money-making jobsite contact our specialist, Jason Foltz, today! - 954-603-2322

Transporting a Grove TMS475 Crane

Jacob M. at Heavy Haulers shipped this Grove TMS475 for one of his clients. This Grove TMS475 crane was loaded in Lakehills, TX and delivered to its final destination in Houston, TX. Let Heavy Haulers transport your freight anywhere in the United States, Mexico or Canada. This Grove crane was 44 feet long, 8 feet wide, 11 feet high and weighed 77,000 pounds. Call Jacob M. at Heavy Haulers to get your next shipment picked up! (561) 208-8418

Transporting a 1984 Grove TM800 on an RGN Trailer

We recently got the call to haul this 136,000 pound crane from Maple Shade, NJ to its new project site in the city of Wellman, IA. The oversized load measuring 44’ long, 10’ wide, 12’5” tall travelled a total 988 miles on top of an extendable double drop trailer. Our agent Jacob was in charged of ensuring a timely delivery as our client’s project progress depended largely on the 1984 Grove TM800 crane. Do you need to move seriously heavy machinery? GIve us a call at (800) 908-6206, Jacob will be happy to help (ext. 786).

Shipping a Grove RT630 Truck Crane

Heavy Haulers recently shipped this 2006 Grove RT630 Truck Crane from Ladd, Illinois, to Bourg, Louisiana. The trip was nearly 940 miles long. Weight: 60,000 pounds. Length: 38 feet. Width: 9 feet 8 inches. Height: 12 feet 1 inch. To ship your truck cranes anywhere in the US, Canada or Mexico, call Mike directly at Heavy Haulers at (954) 603-2324.

Hauling a Grove 620 Crane

This Grove crane was picked up in Owosso, MI and delivered in Momence, IL. It measured 36 feet in length, 8 feet 2 inches wide, 9 feet 11 inches tall and weighed approximately 49,000 pounds. If you are looking to have a crane transported call Hal at Heavy Haulers to schedule your next crane pickup. - 561-229-0689

Hauling a 2007 Terex RT175 Crane

Let Heavy Haulers handle your next Crane shipment. This is a 2007 Terex RT175 crane Jason Foltz at Heavy Haulers recently hauled. This load was picked up in Tucson, AZ and delivered to its destination in Cartagena, Colombia. It was 27 feet long, 11 feet wide, 11 feet high and weighed 65,000 pounds. If you have an oversize load that you need hauled, Call Jason Foltz at Heavy Haulers! (954) 603-2322

Call at (800) 908-6206


Transporting a Liebherr LTM 1150 Crane

Heavy Haulers recently transported this Liebherr LTM 1150 Crane from Dundalk, MD to Edna, TX for this 1,600 mile run. This Liebherr measured 49 feet in length, is 9 feet 8 inches wide and 12 feet 9 inches tall plus a total weight of 125,000 pounds! This big bird had all eyes on her. This transport did require permits due to the massive weight, height and width but it did not require escorts, which saved the customer some heavy money. If you have a Liebherr that needs to be transported make sure you give Jacob at Heavy Haulers a call for the VIP treatment. - 561-208-8418

Shipping a Tadano Mantis 6010 Crane with RGN Trucking

This 200 Tadano Mantis 6010 Crane was recently transported by Jason at Heavy Haulers. This Tadano Mantis crane was loaded in Wink, TX and delivered in McCamey, TX. This Crane measured 39 feet 9 inches in length, is 10 feet 8 inches wide, is 8 feet tall and weighed in at 63,000 pounds! This tanker was a headturner. This particular machine did require permits for legal and safe transport and our specialists, Jason, took care of all of the proper paperwork and details. Call Heavy Haulers and speak to Jason today to book your next crane shipment. - 954-603-2322

Hauling a Tadano Mantis 3612 Crane on an RGN Trailer

Tye Forte at Heavy Haulers recently shipped this crane for a client. This 1992 Mantis 3612 Crane was loaded in Fort Worth, TX and delivered to Verplanck, NY. This journey was a total of 1,625 miles from pick up to drop off! Tye Forte was able to secure this client a trailer within 48 hours of first contact. If you need a reliable and trustworthy company to handle you next load call Tye Forte at Heavy Haulers today! (407) 403-5982

Transporting a Tadano Mantis 3612 Crane

Trust in the agents at Heavy Haulers to get your freight on a trailer. This is a 1992 Mantis 3612 Crane that was shipped from Fort Worth, TX to Verplanck, NY. This Mantis Crane was 40 feet long, 10 feet wide, 9 feet high and weighed 53,000 pounds. Tye Forte was able to handle all of the paperwork for the permits of this shipment. Call Tye Forte at Heavy Haulers to schedule your next load today! (407) 403-5982

Shipped a 2007 Terex RT175 Crane using our RGN Service

Trust in Jason Foltz at Heavy Haulers to schedule your shipment. Heavy Haulers can haul any freight you need transported! Our agents are trained to be able to get your freight to its destination in a timely manner. This Terex Crane was recently transported from the United States to Colombia. If you have an international crane shipment or any freight in general call Jason Foltz at Heavy Haulers to get it loaded on the next truck! (954) 603-2322

Hauling an RTC 8090 Crane on an RGN Trailer

One of our Senior Agents, a Branch Manager with Heavy Haulers, Eddie Arevalo transported an RTC 8090 Crane with all of its parts, across the country! The Crane's total weight was 130,000 lbs and was separated into three separate loads. Even after being broken down the crane was still 30ft long, 11ft wide, and 13ft tall, and required Over-dimensional and Overweight permits. Despite the difficulties in moving such a large piece of equipment, Eddie handled the order expediently and effectively. Eddie can be reached directly at (727) 232-0105.

Hauling a Tadano TR300E Crane

Heavy Haulers recently transported this 1991 Tadano TR300E 1,200 miles! We picked up the Tadano TR300E in Gillette, WY and delivered it to its destination in Compton, CA. It was 29 fee in length, 9 feet in width, 11 feet in height and 59,000 pounds. This shipment did require permits which Heavy Haulers was able to arrange. This 1991 Tadano TR300E Crane was picked up and delivered within 4 days! Schedule your next crane shipment with Jason Foltz today! (954) 603-2322.

Shipping a 2007 Terex RT175 Crane on an RGN Trailer

This Terex RT175 crane was recently transported by Heavy Haulers. It was picked up in Arizona and hauled to its final destination in Cartagena, Colombia. Jason at Heavy Haulers is prepared to handle all of your international shipments. If you need any machinery or implements transported call Jason at Heavy Haulers for more information on your next pick up! (954) 603-2322

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Heavy Haulers can handle shipping your Construction Crane

Crane Transportation Services

A vital part of major construction projects, cranes help keep the job moving forward. Whether your crane is on treads or tires, Heavy Haulers can handle the logistics concerns and if you need extra clearance we have double deck trailers to ensure safe delivery.

Heavy Haulers can handle moving all types of cranes including loader cranes, boom cranes, telescopic cranes, tower cranes, railroad cranes, harbor cranes stacking cranes and almost any type of crane from a short haul to a long haul. Heavy Haulers can handle your transport in a professional and efficent manner.

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