Taking Apart a 19 ft wide TR 100 Rock Truck While on Board!

We transported 4 of these Rock trucks from Golden Valley, AZ to Nogalez, AZ. Each of the loads were 19 feet wide! and 148,000 lbs! All permits and pilot cars were assigned properly in-house by the same agent who booked the load. Heavy haulers is your one stop shop!.

Height: 16 ft
Weight: 148,000 lbs
Length: 35.5 ft
Width: 19.4
Transport Miles: 176 Miles

Oversize Furnace Transport

Loaded in Mobile, Alabama, we transported a single furnace weighing 19,000 lbs, 10.5 ft in width, 25 ft in length, and 17 ft in height. Heavy Haulers provided a removable gooseneck trailer with escorts and pilot cars to travel cross state. Permits and escorts all obtained and coordinated by Heavy Haulers!

Height: 17 ft
Weight: 19,000 lbs
Length: 25 ft
Width: 10.5
Transport Miles: 120 Miles

Transporting a Gulfstream Aircraft Airframe

Transported on an extended double drop deck RGN. We hauled this aircraft from Rock Tavern, NY to Fort Lauderdale, FL. Speak with us about planning your oversized shipment. Our logistics professionals are here to guide you through the regulations required for shipping oversized loads. Ring us, (800) 908-6206.

Height: 11.3 ft
Weight: 35,000 lbs
Length: 77 ft
Width: 15.5 ft
Transport Miles: 1,319 miles

130,000 Wheel Loader Cross Country Transport!

We shipped this 2007 Caterpillar 992G Wheel Loader from Sharples, West Virginia, to Nogales, Arizona. That’s most of the way across the country, more than 2,000 miles. Weight: 130,000 pounds. Length: 27 feet. Width: 13 feet. Height: 13 feet.

Height: 13 ft
Weight: 130,000 lbs
Length: 27 ft
Width: 13 ft
Transport Miles: 2,018 Miles


This was a cross-country move, so in order to save our customer on cost, we hired a crane lifting service to lift the tail of the truck in the air while we backed in the second cab, then lowered it right onto the chassis, we also removed the front tires to keep it within legal height. We arranged the entire process and saved the customer over $2500 after expenses! That's what you call professional services!

Height: 15.2 ft
Weight: 25,000 lbs
Length: 46 ft
Width: 11.8 ft
Transport Miles: 2,100 Miles

Shipping an Oversize Mobile Home Cross Country

We recently transported this mini-house on wheels from Coweta, Oklahoma, to Anacortes, Washington. The trip was more than 2,100 miles. That’s a long way with a wide load! We used a ball-and-hitch tow rig. Call us to transport your oversize items, (800) 908-6206. Weight: 25,000 pounds. Length: 46 feet. Width: 11 feet 8 inches. Height: 15 feet 2 inches.

Height: 16 ft
Weight: 148,000 lbs
Length: 35.5 ft
Width: 19.4
Transport Miles: 176 Miles

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