Shipping an Oversize Recycling Unit to Maryland

One of our top senior logistics agents, David Jones, received a call to transport an oversize recycling unit from Georgia to Maryland. The client had a trailer, but no truck, which meant they needed a power only transport. That wasn’t a problem for David. He specializes in transporting oversize loads in all capacities. David went to work finding the best driver, with the best truck, to hook up the step deck trailer. He also pulled the necessary permits to transport the 58,000lb recycling unit from Georgia to Maryland. David, like the rest of our logistics agent, make sure every detail is covered to ensure safe transport.

David double-checked the driver’s credentials and experience, and ensured there was nothing on the record that could be a hazard to the transport. Once the best driver was selected, David sent him to the pickup point. With the oversize recycling unit already loaded on the trailer, the driver only needed to hook it up to the truck. Still, to be thorough, the team not only double checked the hookup, but made sure the recycling unit was safely secured to the trailer. At Heavy Haulers we provide the safest and most quality transports available. Thanks to David’s planning, the oversize recycling unit was delivered safely and on time.

David Jones with our West Palm Beach office arranged this entire project. You can reach him for services at: (561) 208-8422

Length: 53 ft
Width: 8 ft
Height: 13.6 ft
Weight: 58,000 lbs
Transport Miles: 1733.8 Miles
Shipping a recycling unit. Power only transport for a recycling unit. Shipping an oversize recycling unit. Recycling unit transport on a step deck trailer.
Skid pump transport on a trailer
Tarped skid pump transported on a hot shot trailer. Skid pump shipped on a trailer to Ohio. Skid pump hauling. Shipping a skid pump on a hot shot trailer.

Transporting an Oversize Pump Skid to Ohio

Christopher Arce, a logistics agent out of our Fort Lauderdale, Florida office, received a call to ship an 18,000lb pump skid from Corpus Christi, Texas to West Chester, Ohio. The massive pump skid came in at 27ft in length, 9.5 feet in width, and 6.5 feet in height. Because, generally, the legal load width is 8.5 feet, this pump skid transport was an oversize load. Christopher obtained the proper permits and found a driver qualified to ship heavy equipment. This was a rush load, so Christopher decided on a hot shot trucking solution. He also got an experienced crew to safely load and unload the pump skid.

Because the pump skid could not be driven onto the trailer, they used cranes to load it. This also needed to be tarped, as requested by the client. They wanted additional protection from the elements. Christopher made sure to adhere to all the clients' requests and ensured the top safety protocols were followed during every step of transport. Pump skids are systems that have a pump, as well as an electric motor or diesel engine mounted to the steel base. They are used for water pumping, fire suppression, chemical suppression, and more. Thanks to Christopher’s expert precision and quality service, the pump skid was delivered to Ohio safely and on time.

Christopher arranged this entire project. You can reach him for services at: (954) 495-8505

Length: 27 ft
Width: 9.5 ft
Height: 6.5 ft
Weight: 18,000 lbs
Transport Miles: 1,282 Miles

Transporting a 184,000lb Supercookor to California

Travis Selochan, a senior transport agent at Heavy Haulers, received the request to transport this 184,000lb 260U Supercookor from Texas to California. That’s right, 184,000lbs of heavy machinery that required precision and skill for safe transport. After evaluating the load, Travis realized that because of the oversize nature, the Supercookor shipment would need two cranes for loading and delivery. He put together an expert team, not only to ensure the safety of the machinery, but of the people handling it.

Knowing his client was on a budget, Travis went above and beyond to find an affordable rate for the Supercookor transport. He found rates that were considerably lower than the competitors, much to the client’s satisfaction. Travis prepared the customer on what to expect for pickup and delivery. He mapped out the route, obtained the permits, and even took care of the pilot cars. We delivered the oversize Supercookor safely and on time, thanks to Travis’s attention to detail and expert strategy.

Travis arranged this entire project. You can reach him for services at: (800)908-6206

Length: 43.5 ft
Width: 11.11 ft
Height: 12.8 ft
Weight: 184,000 lbs
Transport Miles: 1,050 Miles
Transporting a super load super cooker on a trailer. Transporting a super cooker on a lowboy trailer. Superload transport for a super cooker. Super load super cooker transport.
Hydraulic hoist transport.
Shipping a hydraulic hoist on a lowboy trailer. Hauling an oversize hydraulic hoist. Hydraulic hoist super load. Hydraulic hoist hauled on a lowboy trailer. Shipping a hydraulic hoist super load. Hydraulic hoist load. Shipping a hydraulic hoist on a lowboy trailer. Hydraulic hoist hauled on a lowboy trailer. Hydraulic hoist hauled on a lowboy trailer.

Hauling a 103,000lb Hydraulic Hoist

When it comes to heavy hauling, we're the best. Nick is an expert agent who knew exactly what to do when he got the call to transport an oversize hydraulic hoist. The client wanted a knowledgeable agent who could ship his equipment safely. Nick knows how to handle oversize, over weight, wide loads, and super loads. As soon as he had all the details, Nick started planning the transport.

Due to the sheer size of this hydraulic hoist, Nick knew he would have to get some assistance in place. This was not only a two truck job, but the hydraulic hoist transport required cranes for loading and unloading. Outriggers were also needed on both ends of the trailers. Nick had the hydraulic hoist picked up from Philadelphia, PA and delivered on time to Lackawanna, NY. Nick's experience and determination provided a quality transport experience for the client.

Height: 6.8 ft
Weight: 103,000 lbs
Length: 39.4 ft
Width: 6.8
Transport Miles: 375 Miles

2002 Freightliner Double Decker Digital Bus

When it comes to bus transports, you always want Roger to handle it. He is the dedicated Bus Transport Specialist here at Heavy Haulers. When the call came in for this 2002 Freightliner Double Decker Digital Bus, they specifically asked for Roger. When he found out delicate this bus transport needed to be, Roger went into action.

To ensure there was no damage, Roger hired two rotator trucks to lift and load on pick up. He made sure to work with the best and most experienced crew to ensure this bus transport went as smoothly as possible. Click on the video to see how they loaded the bus!

This bus traveled on a drop deck trailer from Roger also made sure a rotator truck lift was waiting at the destination. The bus was delivered safely and on time, thanks to Rogers skilled experience.

Roger arranged this entire project. You can reach him for services at: (754)203-9287

Height: 13.2 ft
Weight: 45,000 lbs
Length: 45 ft
Width: 8.5
Transport Miles: 1560 Miles
Shipping a double decker digital bus. Oversize double decker bus transport. Using a crane to load a double decker bus on a trailer.
Shipping a data processor on a trailer.
Data processor load.

Transporting a 6.5 Million Dollar Data Processor

You read that right. William Thomas hauled this 6.5 Million Dollar Data Processor from Buena Park, CA to Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. That's a full cross country transport for this data processor. When they got the call, the client told them of the importance--and value--of this data processor. William knew that this oversize load was going to need a lot of caution and security measures. They wanted to make sure that it made it safely.

After talking to several drivers, they selected one they thought fit the job. Thanks to years of experience, William is an expert at selecting the best driver for an oversize load. They always take special care, especially for loads worth as much 6.5 million dollars. After securing the data processor with straps and other safety gear, they made the driver double check it. Then, the data processor was off.

Thanks to the skills and knowledge of William Thomas this 6.5 million dollar data processor arrived in Maryland safely and on time.

Call now and get your oversize load hauled by the father and team transport specialists. let's get your heavy haul transport moving. (800) 908-6206

Height: 11 ft
Weight: 38,000 lbs
Length: 53 ft
Width: 53 ft
Transport Miles: 984.7 Miles

Shipping a CB2 Hardening Furnace from Wisconsin to Illinois

Milos Visnjik shipped this CB2 Hardening Furnace for a client out of Wisconsin. Hardening furnaces are commonly used for the heat treatment of steel alloys. When Milos received the call, he obtained all the details, before providing the client with a free shipping estimate.

As one of our top senior logistics specialists, Milos knew exactly how to handle a project of this size. At Heavy Haulers, our specialists understand it's about more than just a transport--it's about the care that goes into it.

Safe Delivery After a Long Heavy Haul Journey

Instead of picking just any driver, Milos made sure to recruit the best driver for the job. The CB2 Hardening Furnace was tarped and then secured to the trailer. This kept it safe from harsh road elements. Once safely delivered, the client was happy to keep Milos' number on hand for future oversize transports.

Milos is a highly requested logistics specialist for a reason. He always makes sure the job is done with top quality service.

Call Milos now for your custom oversize shipping solution. at: (754) 203-9257

Height: 10.6 ft
Weight: 90,000 lbs
Length: 46 ft
Width: 10.6
Transport Miles: 1,152 Miles
Hauling a tarped hardening furnace.
Tugboat transport. Shipping a tugboat on a trailer. Shipping a tugboat in pieces on trailers. Loading a tugboat with cranes. Shipping a tugboat on a trailer.
Transporting a tugboat on a trailer. Transporting a tugboat on a trailer.

Transporting a Tugboat From Florida to New York

Stephen Ladd got the call to transport this 38,000lb tugboat from the warm south to the cooler north. Professionals used a crane to dismantle and load the inoperable tugboat. The top two pilot houses rode on one truck, while the main fuselage of the tugboat rode on another.

The team strapped down the tugboat parts to RGN trailers for safe transport. Stephen also obtained the necessary overweight and overwidth permits. He also enlisted the aid of a pilot car to escort the oversize tugboat loads.

Thanks to Stephen's expertise and professionalism, the team delivered the tugboat by deadline. Cranes also assisted in the offloading process when the tugboat arrived.

Stephen Ladd handled this oversize load project from dispatch to delivery. Call him now and let's get your heavy haul transport moving. (754) 242-9946

Height: 11 ft
Weight: 38,000 lbs
Length: 27 ft
Width: 13.9 ft
Transport Miles: 984.7 Miles

Oversize Boiler Tank Transport

Jay Hays arranged the pickup of this oversize boiler tank at the port in Houston. After arriving from Spain, they used a crane and loaded this heavy haul onto a bucket truck. To ensure safe travel, the secured rigging was double and triple checked. Jay arranged for a convoy to ride along with the boiler transport. This oversize haul required pilot cars and police for the most safety. Since the boiler is so large, they had to move and prop up power lines to avoid hazards. Jay made sure to take every precaution for a safe oversize transport.

Safe Delivery After a Long Heavy Haul Journey

From Texas, the boiler went to Hupp Electric Motors in Marian, IA. That's a 1,152-mile long haul for this oversize boiler tank. Jay monitored this heavy haul truck load during every leg of the journey. The boiler tank had a safe and on time delivery. Using cranes again, they offloaded the boiler for a very satisfied customer.

This project required an extreme amount of effort and manpower. Thanks to Jay and the Heavy Haulers team, this boiler tank transport had a smooth heavy haul journey.

Jay Hays arranged this entire project. You can reach him for services at: (561) 562-4968

Height: 17.1 ft
Weight: 79,366 lbs
Length: 23.82 ft
Width: 17.1
Transport Miles: 1,152 Miles
Oversize boiler being unloaded with a crane.
Oversize boiler transport. Hauling an oversize boiler. Boiler transported on a trailer. Shipping a tarped oversize boiler on a lowboy trailer. Hauling a super load boier.
Hauling an oversize boiler. Boiler transported on a trailer. Hauling a super load boier. Transporting a boiler on a lowboy trailer. Oversize boiler transport.
Shipping a military plane. Military fuselage and wings transport. Oversize military plane hauling. Shipping a military plane on a trailer. Oversize military plane hauling.
Hauling a military fuselage on a lowboy trailer. Shipping an oversize military plane. Military plane tarnsport on a trailer. Hauling a military plane. Military plane hauled on a trailer.

McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom Transport

We loaded this Phantom in Burlington VT and shipped it to Richmond, VA. We decided to transport this load on 3 separate trailers, 1 for the body, 2 for the wings, and a 3rd trailer for the vertical stabilizer frame and crated items including that included 2 fuel tanks, 2 pylons, 2 wing tips, 2 missile launchers, 4 wing flaps, 2 leading edge slats, 1 tail cone, 1 horizontal stabilizer, 2 access doors for under the wings, 3 wing top access panels, 6 LH fuselage panels, 6 RH fuselage panels, 3 under fuselage/wing panels, and even the LH/RH missile launcher!

We arranged loading and unloading on both pickup and delivery by arranging crane services with the proper insurance backed by our secondary contingency cargo insurance to be safe. Once loaded, we drove it at a safe speed a total of 650 miles to VA. We provided 3 removable gooseneck trailers with escorts and pilot cars to travel across 6 states. Permits and escorts all obtained and coordinated by Heavy Haulers!

Maintaining a Legal Load.

This load took strategic position planning considering the odd size of each piece. One of those being the wings, which ended up slanting at an angle slightly wider than 90 degrees, closer to 110 degrees. At this angle, it sat under 12ft wide in order to avoid a route survey and police escorts. We used a lower lowboy trailer at 14 inches from the ground rather than 18 inches which significantly helped this transport stay a legal load.

Brian Hatfield arranged this entire project. You can reach him for services at: (754) 203-8979

Height: 13 ft
Weight: 10,000 lbs
Length: 58 ft
Width: 10
Transport Miles: 650 Miles

Taking Apart a 19 ft wide TR 100 Rock Truck While on Board!

We transported 4 of these Rock trucks from Golden Valley, AZ to Nogalez, AZ. Each of the loads were 19 feet wide! and 148,000 lbs! All permits and pilot cars were assigned properly in-house by the same agent who booked the load. Heavy haulers is your one stop shop!

Height: 16 ft
Weight: 148,000 lbs
Length: 35.5 ft
Width: 19.4
Transport Miles: 176 Miles
Breaking down an oversize rock truck for transport.
Shipping an oversize rock truck on a lowboy trailer. Oversize rock truck transport.
Furnace super load transport.

Oversize Furnace Transport

Loaded in Mobile, Alabama, we transported a single furnace weighing 19,000 lbs, 10.5 ft in width, 25 ft in length, and 17 ft in height. Heavy Haulers provided a removable gooseneck trailer with escorts and pilot cars to travel cross state. Permits and escorts all obtained and coordinated by Heavy Haulers!

Height: 17 ft
Weight: 19,000 lbs
Length: 25 ft
Width: 10.5
Transport Miles: 120 Miles

Transporting a Gulfstream Aircraft Airframe

This classic 1982 Bombardier Challenger 600 was recently transported on an extended RGN trailer. This Utah to Florida trip required oversize permits but did not require escorts because we only stretched to 90 feet. The planes overall length measured 65’ with 55’ of that sitting in the well. The planes engines, wings and tail section were transported on an extendable flatbed.

Height: 11 ft
Weight: 10,000 lbs
Length: 65 ft
Width: 12 ft
Transport Miles: 2,314 miles
Transporting a fuselage and wings.

Call (800) 908-6206

Transporting an oversize wheel loader.
Shipping a wheel loader on a lowboy trailer. Hauling an oversize wheel loader.

130,000 Wheel Loader Cross Country Transport!

We shipped this 2007 Caterpillar 992G Wheel Loader from Sharples, West Virginia, to Nogales, Arizona. That’s most of the way across the country, more than 2,000 miles. This oversize freight took a large team of experienced people to load and transport safely. All the proper permits were acquired for the client, and every precaution was taken to ensure the hassle-free and safe shipping of this wheel loader.

This load had to be handled with specialty care. All of our logistics agents and drivers are trained in heavy haul trucking for this very reason. When transporting something like this wheel loader pilot cars and escorts are necessary to ensure it moves through the highways safely. We want to not only keep the freight safe, but also the people transporting it, and the highways as well. Heavy Haulers strives for quality and hassle-free transport. With over a decade of industry experience we've gained the knowledge needed to transport oversize loads safely.

Height: 13 ft
Weight: 130,000 lbs
Length: 27 ft
Width: 13 ft
Transport Miles: 2,018 Miles
Mobile home transport. Moving a mobile home on a trailer. Hauling an oversize mobile home. Hauling a mobile home by semi truck. Oversize mobile home load.

Shipping an Oversize Mobile Home Cross Country

We recently transported this mini-house on wheels from Coweta, Oklahoma, to Anacortes, Washington. The trip was more than 2,100 miles. That’s a long way with a wide load! We used a ball-and-hitch tow rig. Call us to transport your oversize items, (800) 908-6206. Weight: 25,000 pounds. Length: 46 feet. Width: 11 feet 8 inches. Height: 15 feet 2 inches.

Height: 16 ft
Weight: 148,000 lbs
Length: 35.5 ft
Width: 19.4
Transport Miles: 176 Miles

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