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Custom Shipping Container Transport and Relocation Services

Heavy Haulers provides custom container shipping solutions to fit your needs. Domestic container mover rates vary from international rates, but both have other factors. This includes the dimensions and weight of your shipping container. For instance transporting a 40 foot shipping container will vary based on the weight of your cargo inside. We also provide transport for empty shipping containers. Heavy Haulers is one of the best shipping container mover companies in the industry. With over a decade of experience, we know how to provide the best transport solutions.

At Heavy Haulers, we save you time and money when moving containers. A dedicated transport specialist finds the best pricing for your container delivery. We don’t settle for any truck and driver. We find the best to move your shipping container. You need your shipping container transported safely and delivered on time. For over ten years, we’ve built our reputation on providing exactly that. Heavy Haulers is a shipping container mover company that handles every detail for you. That includes paperwork, permits, route planning and more. Get your quote to move a shipping container now! (800) 908-6206

A Shipping Container Moving Company You Can Rely On

When it’s time to find a reliable transport company to ship a container, you need Heavy Haulers. We specialize in hauling oversize loads, and no one knows more about it than us. Hauling cargo containers isn’t just a sideline for us. It’s what we’re in business to do. When you contact us to relocate a container, we will listen to what you need. Our shipping container movers will plan the most efficient route for your shipment and create a realistic schedule. We will provide any permits, escorts, and pilot cars that are needed. Our moving team will follow industry standards to load and secure your shipping container for transport, to keep your investment safe during transit. Our experienced movers can deliver your container, on time and intact, to any location in the nation. Shipping container moving on trucks often utilize cranes for lifting and loading—and yes, we handle that too. Let us show you how stress-free your next container relocation can be. Call now for a free shipping container relocation quote! (800) 908-6206

Determine the Best Shipping Container Transport Services

You need to know the exact size and weight of the cargo you need the container for, so you can ensure the item or items will fit. Also, the type of freight you are hauling is a major deciding factor in the container style you need. For instance, you need to determine if you need transport for a single heavy item or bulk amounts of small freight. Carefully consider how your cargo will be loaded into and unloaded from the container. In some instances, top loading is necessary, whereas other cargo must be loaded from the side. Then, decide if temperature control is an issue for your freight. If so, refrigerated containers are right for you.

shipping container being loaded by cranes onto a step deck trailer

Complete Shipping Container Hauling Services

That’s right! Heavy Haulers can move your shipping container whether it’s full or empty to any location in the United States and internationally! Ship heavy or empty 20’, 40’ or 45’ containers with the best relocation company. We supply movers for local short moves and cross-country export, port to port, land to port, port to land. We provide load assistance, permits, and more!

Intermodal shipping containers are used to move cargo of varying shapes and weights. There is a variety of styles and sizes available, each with its own shipping purpose. Before you choose a cargo container, you need to first know the dimensions of your shipment. There are three lengths available, 20 ft., 40 ft., and 45 ft., and shipping container sizes follow the Industrial Standards Organization, or ISO. By customizing the sizes, cargo containers can meet the international trade demands. There are 12 different ISO containers available. Call now! (800) 908-6206

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A twenty foot container being loaded on a trailer with a crane.

Transporting a 20 Ft Container on a Step Deck Trailer

Origin: Falcon, CO

Destination: Gunnison, CO

Specs: 1 20 ft Container 38K# - Const. Materials, CNC, Monitors, Mining Equipment

Call Specialist:
(859) 203-1385
William Thomas
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Mini loaded container transported on a trailer

Container Transport: 20 FT Container with Household Items

Origin: Aurora, CO

Destination: Spokane, WA

Specs: 1 20 FT Container with household items #20000 L20 W8 H9.2

Call Specialist:
(859) 203-1385
William Thomas
View Profile »
Forty foot container on a trailer being transported by a semi truck.

Shipping a 40 FT Container to Arizona

Origin: Chattahooche, FL

Destination: Kingman, AZ

Specs: 40 Ft Shipping Container / loaded w/ items

Call Specialist:
(859) 203-1385
William Thomas
View Profile »
Container transported on a step deck trailer.

Transporting a Shipping Container from California to Missouri

Origin: San Diego, CA

Destination: Barnett, MO

Specs: 1 Loaded Container 15000# 40L 8W 9.6H

Call Specialist:
(859) 203-1385
William Thomas
View Profile »
A container on the ground before loading onto a trailer.

Shipping Container Being Hauled

Origin: Chatsworth, CA

Destination: Chatsworth, CA

Specs: 1 Shipping Container 40 FT Empty

Call Specialist:
(859) 203-1385
William Thomas
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twenty foot container transport

20-Foot Shipping Container Dimensions and Weight

20'/40' Dry Container Shipping

This container is used for general purpose cargo. Its interior width is 7'8 1/8" and the interior height is 7'6 1/4". The 20' dry container can haul a payload of 47,899 pounds. The 40' container can haul 59,039 pounds of cargo.

20-foot Ventilated Container Shipping

Some cargo needs ventilation during shipping, such as green coffee beans or other fresh food items. The ventilated container provides the proper amount of ventilation and is able to haul 47,899 pounds of cargo.

container trailer shipment

20-foot Tank Container Shipping

This cargo container is designed for shipping liquid payloads, such as food and beverage items, oils, and chemicals. The load capacity for a 20' tank container is 6,450 gallons.

20' / 40-foot Flat Rack Container Shipping

This flat rack container is perfect for extremely heavy payloads, oversize freight, building supplies, construction equipment, and heavy machinery. The open long sides on the flat rack container accommodate oddly shaped equipment and allow for safe shipping of bulky items. A 20' flat rack can haul up to 92,800 pounds and has a width of 8' and a height of 7'3 7/8". A 40' flat rack container is made for oversize cargo, construction equipment, heavy machinery, or construction supplies. A 40' flat rack can haul a maximum payload of 85,429 pounds.

20-foot Open Top Container Shipping

The open top design on this container allows for shipping of overheight cargo and facilitates top loading. It has a maximum weight capacity of 47,619 pounds.

20-foot Refrigerated Container Shipping Services

The refrigerated container provides temperature control for safe shipping of food and beverage items. It can carry 60,230 pounds of cargo.

moving a container

four stacked shipping containers

40-Foot Container Dimensions and Weight

40-foot Open Top Container Towing Services

This is the answer to all your top loading needs. It also works great for extremely tall or long freight, since the top is not closed. A 40' open top container can carry 58,709 pounds of payload.

40-foot High Cube Container Hauling

This is larger than the standard 40' dry container. It can handle a maximum payload of 58,448 pounds.

40-foot Refrigerated Container

This is ideal for perishable cargo, such as food items, or any cargo that need temperature control during shipping. The 40' refrigerated container can handle a payload up to 56,275 pounds.

45-foot High Cube Dry Container

This is a general purpose cargo container. The high cube design allows for greater cargo height. This container can carry up to 64,050 pounds of freight.

shipping two containers on trailers

Here's Why Heavy Haulers Knowledge of Shipping Container Dimensions is Beneficial For Relocation!

Standard containers measure 20'x 8'x8'6", but 40' and 45' containers have become just as popular. Made from 4mm thick steel and square tubing frame. The sides of a container are built from 14 gauge corrugated rolled steel. This gives rigidity to the container, which is then welded to the steel frame. The container floor is constructed of the same 4mm steel tubing that is used to create the frame. A 28mm plywood floor is screwed to the cross braces of the container.

The corner posts of a container are made to handle 153,000 pounds when as many as nine containers can safely be stacked atop each other, leaving a 7'2"x7'6" door on one end of the stack. A standard empty 20' container weighs around 5,500 pounds and has a maximum payload capacity of 65,000 pounds of cargo. Containers must be sturdy to carry massive payloads of construction equipment and supplies, heavy machinery, and food items in bulk.

Having the right skills and equipment to move shipping containers is essential. Not only do you want the shipping container delivered without damage, but for the freight inside to be intact. Heavy Haulers is one of the leading shipping container mover companies because we have both the knowledge and experience to transport your container efficiently. Based on the dimensions and weight, we'll pair you with the best tractor trailer, cranes, pilot cars, escorts, or ships available to move your container. Call now! (800) 908-6206

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shipping container transport on a trailer

Common Shipping Container Manufacturers We Ship

  • China International Marine Container Group (CIMC)

  • Singamas Container Holdings

  • CXIC Group Containers

  • China Shipping Container Lines (CSCL)

  • Maersk Container Industry

  • Vespa Sabbiatrici

  • Jindo, BSL, Elkoplast, LKE, Touask

shipping container transport on a trailer


Choosing a shipping container moving company is a big decision. You want to make sure the company you choose is licensed, bonded, insured, but also experienced in hauling shipping containers. Whether your container is full of cargo or empty, having the right equipment, such as cranes, for loading and unloading is essential. Heavy Haulers is a one-stop shipping container relocation company. We provide load assistance, take care of all the paperwork, and provide pilot cars and escort vehicles when necessary. You need a container transport company that cares, and at Heavy Haulers, we’re here to make sure you shipping containers are moved safely and delivered on time. Call now for a shipping container moving quote! (800) 908-6206

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Max Weight: 48,000 lbs. | Max Length 53 ft.
| Max Width 8.5 ft. | Max Height 8.5 ft.

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Max Weight: 45,000 lbs. | Max Length 29 ft.
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