Affordable and Reliable Heavy Hauler Shipping

Turn to the experts at Heavy Haulers to arrange shipping for your oversize loads. We match your heavy-hauling needs with the correct type of transportation. We plot your path, figure your costs and schedule your delivery, all in one easy transaction. For transparent pricing and superior customer service on oversized equipment transportation, call Heavy Haulers today!

RGN Trailer Shipping Services

RGN Trailer Shipping Services

Without the RGN trailer, the transport industry would feel serious strains. The RGN (Removable Goose Neck) is a key element in getting heavy construction equipment transported around the 50 states. The neck portion of the trailer is removable allowing for large vehicles to easily be loaded onto the platform making loading & unloading easy with no use for any other equipment. Heavy Haulers are the RGN transporters that you can trust!

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Transporting Step Deck Trailers

Step Deck Trailer Transport Services

Heavy Haulers not only transports equipment, freight, Super Loads but we also haul various types of trailers. If you have a trailer that needs moved, we can handle the job! We are specialists at moving step deck trailers and know how to load your trailers so we can get several step deck trailers per load. Our experienced drivers are the best around and can get your trailer delivered safely and on-schedule. Heavy Haulers - the team you can trust!

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Flatbed Transport Service

Flatbed Trailer Shipping Service

When it comes time for you to need a new flatbed trailer for your company, you can trust in Heavy Haulers to get it delivered to you! The flatbed trailer is paramount for the transport industry and our seasoned drivers will treat your flatbed with great care when hauling it to its new destination. Heavy Haulers can handle all types of transports and getting flatbed trailers moved all across the nation is something that we do on a daily basis.

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Double Drop Deck Trailer Hauling

Double Drop Deck Trailer Transport

Here at Heavy Haulers we understand the importance of a double drop deck trailer! We are reliant on various types of trailers to keep our clients equipment & machinery on the road. The step deck trailer is extremely versatile and a manditory piece of equipment for any business in the logistics industry. Heavy Haulers have the extensive experience to get your double drop deck trailer to its new location for a fair price and headache free!

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cargo handling equipment transport

Cargo-Handling Equipment Transport

We know cargo-handling machines! Whether its a container of any size, straddle carrier, top picker, side loader, gantry crane, container spreader, twin lift, container crane, reach stacker, flat rack or a container unloader, we know how to get them where they need to be! To be sure we know how to transport all types of cargo handling machines and equipment, we study each and every one of them so when it come time to transport one, we know what we're doing.

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Super Load Shipping Services

SuperLoad Shipping Services

We reserve a special service for the most specialized, over-dimensional jobs. These are the 200,000 lb loads or above, and 16 ft wide plus, that require highway permits or even closures. Not all shipping teams can facilitate this service nationwide. Permits must be handled, and regulatory standards have to be verified. Our team of logistics professionals to provide you with peace of mind, regardless of extra considerations or excessive load size.

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Equipment Export Shipping Services

Equipment Export Shipping Services

Heavy Haulers facilitates easy transfers to buyers outside the country. Allow us help expand your market by arranging trustworthy international exports of your commercial equipment. Our nationwide heavy-hauling network will deliver your equipment to port on schedule, in the same condition in which it left your shop. We can even set up transport in other countries! Let our expert logistical team to ship your wares safely to any international destination.

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Heavy Haul Transports

Heavy Haul Transports

We haul oversized loads. Let Heavy Haulers select the proper transport vehicle for your particular cargo. We use only experienced drivers who are comfortable hauling oversized loads. Our drivers are masters at adjusting loads to comply with per-axle weight requirements. Our logistics team makes sure your load conforms with all state and national standards encountered in its path. For nationwide heavy hauling you can depend upon, give us a call.

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Freight Shipping Services

Freight Shipping Services

Choose Heavy Haulers to ship your freight across the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Your largest pieces of construction equipment travel as full truckloads aboard specialized trailers. Smaller pieces of construction machinery might be able to ship Less Than Truckload (LTL), which will save you some cash. Speak with one our qualified representatives to arrange the best deal on your construction equipment transportation.

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Catastrophic Recovery Shipping Services

Catastrophic Recovery Shipping Services

Need help moving a disabled or destroyed piece of equipment? Choose Heavy Haulers to aid your recovery from equipment catastrophe. Whether it’s burned-out, crumpled-up or disassembled, we will find a way to ship your disabled heavy equipment to its new resting place. Don’t allow that expired piece of machinery to lie there and deteriorate. We will transport your unusable machinery in a safe and affordable fashion, without any major hassles.

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Load Tracking Service

Load Tracking Service

Follow the path of your equipment while it ships. Our automatic load-tracking service, sends you regular position updates for as long your cargo remains in transit. Now you can determine to the minute when your equipment will arrive at its next destination. Your updated position reports are delivered automatically to any email account you chooseNever again worry about your equipment while it transits. Trust your tracking service to keep you updated.

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Hauling Mobile Homes

Hauling Mobile Homes

Trust Heavy Haulers to transport your mobile home to its next place of residence. Whether you have a single-wide mobile home to transport or a double-wide mobile home to ship, we’re your best choice for a smooth and successful move. We’re wideload specialists! Less than 100 miles is a local move. Depending upon the dimensions of your mobile home, as well as the condition, your mobile home might be able to travel on its own axles and wheels.

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Over Dimensional Specialized Shipping

Over Dimensional Specialized Shipping

While Super Loads encompasses cargo that is difficult to move due to pure mass, there are many industries that use specialized equipment, that, due to it's specialized nature, is not a standard dimension for easy logistical oversight. We have a variety of trailers that can handle any shape, size and dimensions of equipment for the most specialized industries, including utilities, communications, oil and gas, specialized construction and farming and freight.

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Rigging and Millwright Transportation

Rigging and Millwright Transportation

The oil and gas companies work with a lot of over-dimensional piping and equipment, which means our services are absolutely imperative to their business. In land or at sea, Heavy Haulers assists with logistics for pipes from oilfield to oilfield, off-shore distribution, drill rig project logistics and pipeline project management so that no utility company's crucial operation to provide oil and gas for their customer has to lapse because of a lack of hauling options.

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Equipment Manufacturer Transportation Services

Equipment Manufacturers We Commonly Transport

Turn to the experts at Heavy Haulers to arrange shipping for your oversize loads - no matter the equipment manufacturer. We match your heavy-hauling needs with the correct type of transportation for all types, styles and brands of construction equipment. We plot your path, figure your costs and schedule your delivery, all in one easy transaction. For transparent pricing and superior customer service, call Heavy Haulers today!

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Truck Manufacturer Transportation Services

Truck Manufacturer Transportation Services

Here at Heavy Haulers, we understand how vital heavy duty trucks are to all areas of industry. From Semis to Shop Trucks, the world revolves around the proper type of transportation. We can handle the transport of all types of heavy duty trucks from all of the various manufacturers. Our experience in the transport industry allows us to use the best drivers - and no one in the logistics business understands the importance of trucks better than drivers!

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Hauling Cranes

Hauling Cranes

You can rely upon Heavy Haulers to transport your valuable crane to its next destination. Smaller cranes are a snap, easy peasy. We can ship your larger crane once it has been disassembled, or one of our crews can take it apart for you. We also can ship your booms and counterweights separate from your machinery. We are the crane shipping experts! Call our team of talented professionals for great rates and super service on crane transportation.

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Hauling Cranes

Break Bulk Shipping Services

Unusually sized and shaped cargo can be difficult to move from place to place. Many companies simply aren't equipped to transport outsized or irregularly shaped loads. Heavy Haulers has the capability to ship general cargo or goods that don't travel in standard shipping containers or cargo bins. Do you have an outsized load? Heavy Haulers ships to all 50 states, plus internationally and overseas.

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Motorhome Transportation Services

Motorhome Shipping Services

Heavy Haulers is a professional shipping company with more than a decade of experience moving large agricultural equipment, heavy construction gear, and even small planes and specialty vehicles. From marine landing and canal shipping to overland transport through the toughest terrain, Heavy Haulers has a network of specialists focused on safety, punctuality, and reliability. Do you need to transport your motorhome? Give us a call at (800) 908-6206 to get your journey started.

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Construction Equipment Transportation Services

Construction Equipment Shipping Services

Many heavy duty pieces can't simply use the same roads as a car or a truck. Different roads have different transportation laws and may not be constructed to support larger pieces of equipment. Choosing a certified team of heavy equipment movers protects expensive equipment. Heavy Haulers works with you to arrange loading and unloading, assembly, and transportation logistics. We offer no-obligation custom quotes (800) 908-6206.

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Pilot Cars and Escort Vehicles Services

Pilot Cars and Escort Vehicles Services

Each state has laws that regulate how large a load must be before it legally requires a pilot car. Moreover, keeping track of all the different rules and regulations as they relate to oversized loads in each of the various states is a complicated task. Therefore, you should make your job easier and rely on Heavy Haulers to provide all your pilot car needs. We offer no-obligation custom quotes (800) 908-6206.

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Machinery Transportation Services

Machinery Shipping Services

Heavy Haulers is a comprehensive shipping service for large machinery, construction equipment, and agricultural equipment. We've made specialty transportation our area of expertise, from moving cranes and other excavation machinery to rural areas to shipping booms, scissor lifts, and cranes through congested urban areas. With plenty of options for shipment, trust Heavy Haulers to transport your machinery from one job site to the next. Give us a call at (800) 908-6206 to get started!

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Mobile Office & Home Transport

Mobile Office & Trailer Transport Services

Heavy Haulers is a fully licensed shipping company with over a decade in the transportation business with a niche in the transportation of mobile homes, mobile offices, modular buildings, portable homes and offices. We're equipped to transport any mobile office or home regardless of the size across North America including Canada and Mexico. We are reliable, and you can trust as to deliver your mobile home as shown by our A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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Tow truck logo

Towing Services

Whether you want to tow, move or generally relocate your heavy equipment, you will need the assistance if a towing company. Whether you are moving from one site to another or making starting a new project on a work site, towing services have to come up whether it's in the final draft of the bill of quantities or the surveyor's scope of services required to make the project smooth from start to finish. Where do you start when looking for towing services? Well, it all comes down to picking the right company for your towing needs.

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Hay Transportation Services

Hay Shipping Services

Professional hay transport shipping services from Heavy Haulers; serving all 50 states, Mexico, and Canada; hauling John Deere, International Harvester, Koyker, Farmco, Te Slaa, H & S, and all other manufacturers; safe and efficient service at affordable rates; Give us a call at (800) 908-6206 to get started on transporting your hay!

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Boat & Trailer Transport Services

Boat & Trailer Transport Services

Heavy Haulers knows boats – from pontoons to yachts, we have made heavy and outsized equipment and watercraft transport our area of expertise. Your expensive sailboat or fishing boat isn't shipped as simply as other items – at Heavy Haulers, we understand the challenges of moving larger items. We've made our reputation shipping into rough terrain, through tight city streets, and across North America.

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Heavy haul trucking

Heavy Haul Trucking Services

Heavy haul trucking services from Heavy Haulers. Shipping for heavy equipment and machinery for construction, transportation, farming, and manufacturing industries. Transport for boat, RV, bus, truck and trailer, mobile homes, airplane, and other oversize loads. Heavy Haulers are heavy haul transporters that you can trust!

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Heavy Equipment Transportation Services

Heavy Equipment Shipping & Transport

Heavy Haulers can also ship internationally, both port-to-port overseas and across North America and Alaska. Our drivers take pride in meeting a challenge – rough terrain and dirt roads are no problem! We're insured, bonded, and highly trained, ensuring that your property is safe. Contact us with a description of your equipment, including the name, make, and model, the origin and destination, and dimensions for unusually sized loads or break bulk cargo.

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Heavy Equipment Transportation Services

Wide Load Transport Services

Shipping a wide load can be a complex task especially when you do not have the right vehicles When looking for transportation services for your over width loads, it is vital to consider a company that has a sterling reputation for safe and timely hauling, and with excellent vehicles, capable of shipping your loads regardless if size, shape and height.

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Heavy haul trucking

Outrigger Trailer Transport Services

Transportation of heavy and over dimensional loads can be a challenging task when you do not have the right transportation equipment. With this in mind, heavy haulers have taken a step and acquired specialized trailers with outriggers to make sure we can transport all types of equipment regardless of the size, shape, height or length of the equipment you need to carry.

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Calculator logo

Heavy Hauling Calculator

At Heavy Haulers, we offer trustworthy, affordable, and transparent heavy haul cost to all our clients. Our company provides custom prices for whatever equipment you need to move. Unlike other heavy hauling companies, we do not ask for payment until we pick your load. At our company, we're willing to negotiate on price and work within your budget, which leads to a significant saving for you and your company.

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Tow truck logo

Piggybacking Trucks

Heavy haulers have been in the business of truck piggybacking for over ten years with a robust network extending over borders. Our drivers and logistics managers employ significant expertise when pulling a piggybacked truck train to your designation. Our dedicated staff pools more than two decades worth of experience when handling your piggybacked truck transport.

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