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Why Do Heavy Loads Require Permits?

Hauling heavy and oversize loads is a complex and risky shipping operation that required a certain set of skills and specialized equipment. It is, therefore, crucial that certain safety and shipping procedures are put in place to ensure a safe and smooth hauling and delivery. That is precisely why renowned heavy transportation companies such as Heavy Haulers go the extra mile to meet all safety requirements and secure necessary state shipping permits. This guarantees a safe, smooth and legal transport and delivery of a heavy load to any destination.

Local Regulations and Laws When Shipping Heavy Loads

The first step to a successful hauling process for your heavy load is understanding the specified local regulations. Please note that the legal requirements and regulations vary from one state and country to another. It is therefore crucial that you understand the particular legalities of the city, state, or country you are shipping to. All the same, here are some general guidelines that are common in the United States:

What Are Heavy Haul Permits Anyway?

A heavy haul permit is a local or state document that lists the hauling agent, the load dimensions and description, and the designated travel route. Any hauler must get a heavy haul permit before they embark on shipping their heavy loads. Heavy haul permits, also known as oversize permits, account for the maximum width, length, height, and cargo weight. Each state has different permit requirements and service charges. That said, additional charges might apply for any load over 80′ on length x12′ width x14’6″ high. Truckers and heavy hauling agents can gain these permits from the permit service or the state website.

Common Heavy Loads We Ship That Require State Permits

Some of the most commonly oversize loads we transport that require permits include;

  • Agricultural Equipment Such as Tractors and Combines
  • Prefabricated Homes
  • Construction Equipment Such as Bulldozers
  • Containers
  • Windmill Propellers
  • Bridge Beams
  • Generators
  • Solar Panels
  • Industrial Equipment

The best way of shipping your heavy cargo is by working with renowned hauling experts such as Heavy Haulers. They will help you gain all the permits required for the job more efficiently and conveniently.

What Happens If I Do Not Have the Right Permits for My Heavy Load?

If you have the wrong permit for your load, there are specific roads that you cannot safely and legally travel on. For instance, if you acquire an R permit, you cannot safely travel on R-posted bridge roads (labeled with “No access to trucks with R permits”). The R posted bridges are considered unsafe for oversize loads due to their structural restrictions. Anything from having a low-hanging bridge to extremely narrow lanes could lead to severe accidents, injuries, damage to the cargo and shipping equipment. This is why you also need Visit W3Schools.com! Escort vehicles and pilot cars to always ensure that the road is clear and safe for use.

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