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Expert Nationwide Mobile Home Moving Services

Heavy Haulers has over a decade of experience moving mobile homes across the United States. Over the years, we've dedicated ourselves to providing stress-free mobile home transport for every client. A specialized mobile home mover specialist takes down all the details to find solutions that fit your needs.

Mobile homes, sometimes called manufactured homes, come in a variety of sizes, with the most common being single- and double-wide mobile homes. Pre-planning mobile home transport is essential. We acquire everything necessary, including permits, for a safe mobile home move. Hiring an experienced mobile home moving company is vital because you want your home delivered safely and on time.

We understand that your mobile home is just that—your home, which means when you need transport, you need it to be reliable. Whether you need local mobile home shipping or need to haul it across the country, Heavy Haulers make sure it's done right.

Depending on the type of mobile home, you may utilize the home's axles and wheels. Otherwise, Heavy Haulers work with the best drivers and trailers to deliver your mobile home safely. We aim to ensure your mobile home is moved safely, reliably, and with quality service. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Oversize mobile home transport

Transporting Your Single Wide or Double Wide Mobile Home

When it comes to mobile home transport, you want a moving company that is licensed, bonded, and insured. Plus, you'll want someone experienced in mobile home shipping.

The most common types of mobile homes are single-wide and double-wide. There are different procedures and trailer types used for each. That's why working with mobile home movers who can safely transport your home is essential.

Heavy Haulers is licensed, bonded, and insured to transport mobile homes. We also have over a decade of experience moving mobile homes locally and nationwide. Dedicated transport specialists will walk you through every detail of your mobile home move.

nowing the model and dimensions of your mobile home ahead of time will help your moving specialist provide you with an accurate quote.

  • • Single Wide Mobile Home Transport - The typical single-wide mobile home is 15 feet wide and 72 feet long. Usually, your single-wide mobile home fits on one extended, heavy-duty transport trailer.
  • • Double Wide Mobile Home Shipping - The standard double-wide mobile home is 26 feet wide and 56 feet long, but some models are 90 feet long. Double-wide mobile homes are often folded in half width-wise for shipping, which may mean your mobile needs more than one truck or more than one trip for transport.

Moving a Mobile Home: Costs, Details, and What You Need to Know

The first question most have is, "How much will it cost to move my mobile home?"

That is an excellent and necessary question.

Many sites may offer general mobile home transport quotes. At Heavy Haulers, we search for the most affordable rate available.

When you speak with a logistics agent, we will inform you of the step-by-step process of shipping your mobile home. We also ask a few questions to determine the best mobile home moving rate.

Once the mobile home moving cost is determined, we'll take care of everything you need for transport.

Oversize mobile home transport

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What To Know About Moving a Mobile Home

  • Size (For instance, is your mobile home a single or double wide?)
  • Weight (Heavier mobile homes may require trailers with more axles and more materials for transport.)
  • Distance (Longer mobile home moves tend to be more expensive.)
  • Permits (Mobile homes often require transport permits, which vary based on where you're moving.)
  • And more.

When moving a mobile home, you'll want to plan. Make sure to verify the legal requirements of your new location, and your mobile home must be up to code for transport.

Because so many details go into mobile home shipping, speaking with one of our professionals is the best way to get all the details for transport, along with a personalized quote based on your needs.


Mobile Home Movers Transportation Guidebook

Don’t let your mobile home move be a difficult and daunting experience. Prepare yourself for every step of your move with our guidebook!

It details what you need to know from beginning to end.

No confusion!

All your questions answered in our step-by-step guidebook to ensure that you will have a safe, and stress-free mobile home move.

Find out what you need to know and purchase the Mobile Home Movers Guidebook today!

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Why Choose Us?

24/7 Customer Support

Heavy hauling isn't a 9 to 5 job. Neither is our customer support. Your dedicated logistics agent is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Transport with Heavy Haulers, because we're always here when you need us.

Shipping Credit

If you need regular transport for your oversize loads or equipment, you may be eligible for a line of credit through Heavy Haulers. You'll receive a monthly bill for your shipments so you can focus on the things that matter to your business.

Personalized Strategy

Your business is unique, and so it needs unique transport. At Heavy Haulers, we don't just pick the first solution. We provide the best shipping services tailored to fit your needs. Every shipment is transported with quality services and delivered on time.

Zero Up Front Costs

We don't charge upfront costs. You'll receive a transparent, no-obligation quote with no hidden fees. Ready to ship? We'll get started immediately to get your oversize load on the road.

Trademarked and Trusted

Trusted because we've provided and continue to provide the best shipping services for 14+ years. Trademarked because other haulers try to imitate us. But Heavy Haulers always stands above the rest.

Dedicated Agents

You'll have a dedicated transport agent when you ship your equipment or oversize load with Heavy Haulers. They'll be with you from dispatch to delivery to oversee the entire shipment.


Common Types of Mobile Homes and Buildings We Transport

Container Home Transport

Container homes are houses converted from standard shipping containers. Some even combine multiple shipping containers to make a uniquely structured home. Most traditional container homes are remodeled from 20- and 40ft shipping containers.

Container Office Transport

Shipping container offices are professional dwellings created from shipping containers. They are versatile because they can be picked up and easily shipped to the next job site. Container offices are used in many industries and are often used for industrial and construction job sites.

Modular Building Shipping

Modular buildings are built in a factory and delivered to the final site. These types of facilities can have temporary or permanent placements. On-grade foundations are for permanent modular buildings, while raised foundations can be used for both temporary or permanent buildings.

Modular Home Shipping

Modular homes are customized to the homeowner's specifications. These are built section-by-section in a factory setting. Once transported, a homebuilder assembles them for the owner. Modular homes are prefabricated or prefab homes that can look just like traditionally built ones.

Mobile Office Trailer Transport

A mobile office trailer, or MO, sits on a wheels and chassis trailer base for easy transport. Mobile offices are also known as portable offices. Mobile office trailers require stairs or a ramp for entrance. Mobile offices can be found on a variety of construction and industrial worksites.

Precast Building Shipping

Precast buildings are made from precast concrete, meaning the building is made with a reusable mold or "form." These buildings can take on nearly any shape or size, making them highly customizable. Once the precast building is molded, it is transported to the site and lifted into place.

Mobile Medical Vehicle Transport

All you have to do is choose Heavy Haulers to ship your MRI, x-ray, radiology, and multipurpose medical vehicles to access a vast fleet of long-haul transportation services. Most mobile medical vehicles, such as X-Ray clinics, can travel aboard a flatbed trailer.



Recent Mobile Home Transports by Heavy Haulers

Shipping a mobile home.

Loading a Mobile Home on a Trailer

Origin: Manhattan, KS

Destination:Madison, SD

Specs: 16 by 76

Call Specialist:
(772) 238-2766
Shipping a mobile home.

Mobile Home Transport

Origin: Wellington, CO 80549

Destination:Nucla, CO 81424

Specs: 60L 16W 13.6H (5 Axles)

Call Specialist:
(772) 238-2766
Shipping a 2018 Clayton mobile home.

2018 Clayton Mobile Home Shipped to FL

Origin: Alexandira, LA 71303

Destination: Panama City, FL 32401

Specs: 2018 Clayton Mobile Home; 64L X 14W

Call Specialist:
(561) 229-0689
Transporting a mobile home on a trailer.

Oversize Loaded Mobile Home Model F1460 Shipped from LA

Origin: Baton Rouge, LA 70814

Destination: Dulce, NM 87528

Specs: 2017 Oak Creek Mobile Home Model F1460; 64L X 14W

Call Specialist:
(561) 229-0689
Mobile trailer pulled with a pickup truck.

5th Wheel Trailer Using Our Power-Only Service

Origin: Midland, TX 79706

Destination: Pecos, TX 79772

Specs: 5th Wheel Trailer; 53L 8.6W 13.2H; 35,000lbs

Call Specialist:d
(561) 229-0689
Double wide mobile home transport.

2017 Oak Creek Mobile Home Model F1460 Transport

Origin: Baton Rouge, LA 70814

Destination: Dulce, NM 87528

Specs: 2017 Oak Creek Mobile Home Model F1460; 64L X 14W

Call Specialist:
(561) 229-0689
2018 Clayton mobile home haul.

Transporting a 2018 Clayton Mobile Home to FL

Origin: Alexandira, LA 71303

Destination: Panama City, FL 32401

Specs: 2018 Clayton Mobile Home; 64L X 14W

Call Specialist:
(561) 229-0689
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Mobile Home Transports With Heavy Haulers

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Transporting two mobile homes.

How To Prepare a Mobile Home For Transport

At Heavy Haulers your logistics agent will guide you through moving a mobile home. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • ● Have your mobile home's make, model, weight, and dimensions ready for the transport agent.

  • ● Exterior: Remove anything vulnerable to high winds. Reinforce loose sidings that may blow off. Secure doors to avoid opening during transport.

  • ● Interior: Secure all loose items. Fasten all doors and cabinets. Remove as many home furnishings as possible.

Transport your mobile home today! (800) 908-6206

Moving a Mobile Home: What You Need To Know

For a smooth and easy mobile home move, you need to plan. Most areas require permits to both move and set up the home in its new location. You’ll want to know if the county or city has any restrictions when moving your mobile home. Making these calls will help you have a quality mobile home transport experience.

Once you have all the information, Heavy Haulers is ready to transport your mobile home. Our mobile home mover specialist will provide you with a free shipping estimate based on the details of your move. We provide all permits and paperwork for transport. If your mobile home requires load assistance, we can also obtain that.

Heavy Haulers is ready to transport your mobile home now! Give us a call! (800) 908-6206

Two Primary Options for Mobile Home Transport:

  • Mobile Home Towing
    Towing removes your mobile home’s ground attachments and installs axles with wheels. We provide a truck with an experienced heavy haul driver to tow your mobile home to its new address.

  • Mobile Home Trailer Transport
    This also involves lifting the house to install axles and wheels. Then we transfer your mobile home to a trailer designed to carry the load. Our experienced crew members are experts at loading and transporting your valuable home. You’ll need a trailer if you’re hauling your home long distance.


When you move your mobile home, you'll need a few licensed professionals to help. Professional installers can disconnect and reconnect your utilities. A licensed electrician must handle the electric grid connections. You'll also need a separate professional to connect your air conditioner. There are many steps and many professionals involved in moving a mobile home. So it's a good idea to speak to our team about hiring an installation crew. Call now! (800) 908-6206

  • ● Attaching axles and wheels.

  • ● Adding hitch if needed.

  • ● Securing foundation (block, level, and tie down).

  • ● Handling water and plumbing.

  • ● Dealing with skirting.

Shipping an oversize mobile home.

Pilot car images

Heavy Haulers Pilot Car Services

Heavy Haulers Provides The Best Pilot Cars To Guide Your Oversize Load

Did you know several types of oversize loads are required to pilot cars or escort vehicles? It's to keep the equipment, driver, and other motorists safe.

Need pilot cars for your heavy haul? We've got you covered!

Get a pilot car quote for your transport now!


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