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2000 Oxbo Citrus Harvester loaded for transport

How to Measure Equipment for Transport

Moving oversized loads is easy when you understand how to measure and get the right equipment specs. When hauling heavy equipment, getting the correct dimensions ensures your load is safe and efficiently delivered. Savvy haulers have trained and licensed experts and years of experience shipping oversized loads and measuring equipment accurately.

2000 Oxbo Citrus Harvester loaded for transport

How to Get Equipment Specifications for Transport

Oversized loads exceed the standard legal dimensions allowed on conventional vehicles. Heavy equipment has oversized dimensions, requiring specialized trucks, trailers, and professionals. Getting the equipment specs for transport is critical to a successful and safe delivery.

In today’s highly digitized world, measurement specifications can be obtained online or in the Heavy Haulers Specs Database.

Online Methods

Online methods mainly include visiting the equipment manufacturer’s website because many provide detailed measurements, specifications, and guidelines for handling and shipping their machines. Such websites usually offer accurate equipment dimensions to ensure safe and timely delivery.

You can also check online marketplaces and retailers who deal with your equipment type. Such sources show the equipment description and specifications, mainly dimensions, weight, special handling requirements, and manufacturer.

Alternatively, you can directly contact the distributor and manufacturer to provide the required equipment specs for efficient shipping. They usually offer the detailed dimensions you need or point you to reliable resources.

Heavy Haulers Specs Database

The Heavy Haulers database is a comprehensive collection of various equipment specs and types. To make your work easy and efficient, choose a hauling company with access to the Heavy Haulers Spec Database. The company’s shipping experts will guide you or show you how to navigate the database for valuable insights regarding your equipment.

Most established heavy equipment shipping companies, such as Heavy Haulers, have access to this database, a valuable tool for experts in safe and timely logistics planning. But what do you do if you can’t find the specs online?

Ground Power Unit loaded on hotshot trailer for transport.

How to Measure Equipment If You Can’t Find The Specs Online

You must measure the equipment to choose the right trailer or hauling truck for oversized loads. While getting the right equipment specs for efficient transportation is essential, you may need help finding the details online.

Measuring or getting heavy equipment specs without expertise can be confusing, especially for beginners or startups. Here are ways to measure equipment if you need help finding the specs online.

  • Meaure the Length(L), Width(W)

Using a measuring tape, take the length and width of the equipment by placing it along the long and short edges of the equipment and accurately record the measurement. Ensure the tape is straight and well aligned to the load. However, this is easy for regularly shaped equipment. For irregularly shaped loads, try to be as precise as possible.

  • Measure Height

Take the measurements of the equipment’s height, from the bottom to the top, and note any protrusions or attachments that may affect the overall measurement.

  • Measure Weight

Place the equipment on a scale or weighbridge to determine the actual weight so that the right trailer can be picked up for the shipment.

  • Calculate the Volume

Using the acquired dimensions, calculate the equipment’s volume by multiplying the length by the width and height. It’s vital to understand that most dimensions are usually in inches, so you should convert them to cubic feet by dividing the cubic inches by 1,728.

  • Determine the Density

After taking the weight, divide it by the cubic feet to get the density. This is the ratio of the weight to volume.

Why Equipment Specs are Important for Transport

Heavy equipment transport is prone to risks, legal violations, and extra fees or penalties without the proper equipment specs. When your cargo moves through various terminals, it’s thoroughly checked and weighed with high-tech equipment to ensure compliance with the set standards.

You must take and provide precise oversized load specifications during shipment to avoid legal repercussions. Equipment specs ensure a smooth, seamless, safe, and timely shipping. The pivotal role of heavy equipment specs also includes:

  • Prevention of damage
  • Proper packaging
  • Proper space utilization
  • Risk mitigation
  • Client satisfaction
  • Legal liability
  • Compliance with legal regulations or standards
  • Optimization of cost

Choosing a reputable heavy equipment shipping company with over a decade of experience, like Heavy Haulers, will help you determine equipment specs accurately.