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Tiny house loaded for transport

How to Transport a Tiny Home Overseas

Transporting a tiny home overseas can be strenuous and exhausting, but it is possible. Several key factors play a role in shipping your tiny home overseas, as even the slightest miscalculation or error in the permit documents could set your progress back a few months.

The most cost-efficient tiny home types to transport overseas are often those built inside a shipping container. That’s because these trailer homes already meet most international shipping companies’ dimensions and shipping specifications.

This segment highlights critical factors tiny homeowners should consider when transporting their homes overseas.

Tiny house loaded for transport

Secure Doors And Cabinets For Shipping

Ensuring all doors and cabinets are adequately secured during overseas transport is crucial. Transporting a tiny home across continents by sea will mean contending with waves that rock the ship throughout the journey. Keeping all cabinets and doors secure is the most effective way to minimize the chances of breaking your home during transit.

The same applies to household appliances. Ensure you seal or lock all movable appliances that aren’t screwed, stapled, or nailed to the house walls in position to avoid unnecessary movements and breakages during the trip. Considering that most tiny homes are made of timber, there is a higher chance that larger, unsecured appliances will break the house.

Doing this gives you confidence, knowing your home and its appliances will get to your destination in their pre-shipping condition.

Estimate The Costs And Timeframe

The overall cost of shipping a tiny home internationally varies significantly based on the house size, distance traveled, what transport company you use, and the time of year. As you may expect, the greater the shipping distance and the larger the home, the higher the transportation cost.

Therefore, talking to the shipping company directly is essential to get an accurate shipping estimate and see if it fits within your moving budget. Ballparking the price range and shipping timeframe allows you to plan yourself better and be ready to receive your tiny home when it arrives at its destination.

Try comparing variables like the house size, the distance between shipping points, and whether you’re shipping during a busy time of the year for transport businesses. Considering these factors will help you determine the best times to negotiate for the best rates and the transportation timeframe.

Tiny house loaded for transport

Other Critical Considerations

Getting your tiny home into a ship is only the first step. As with any property, you must ensure your destination approves the use of your home under its building codes and any other relevant laws and regulations governing property ownership.

For example, most European countries have stricter building standards and regulations than the United States. Some European countries may not consider your tiny home up to their acceptable building codes upon arrival. There’s also the issue of connections, such as outlet configurations and standard electric voltage currents, which may differ in other nations than in the United States.

Planning a tiny home transport to Canada/Mexico or some other destination puts into question whether your water and sewer hookups are compatible with the destination country. These critical considerations make preparing well before proceeding with the international move essential.

Hire Professional Movers

Moving a tiny home overseas is a significant undertaking, especially for first-timers. Before deciding to pack and go, it’s vital to research and know that you can legally use your tiny home overseas. Preparing in advance for transporting your tiny home overseas is critical, as even a little hiccup could set back the move several months or even halt it altogether.

Working with professionals with the training, experience, and equipment to secure your home for international moving while ensuring the entire process moves smoothly is essential. We’re available to help with your tiny home transport needs overseas. Talk to our agents to learn more about our services and how we can kickstart your home moving process.