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How Transport Companies Plan Routes for Their Loads

Every day, logistics companies look for better and more efficient ways of planning their transportation schedules and routes. This is due to the rising fuel costs and the fact that traditional route planning does not consider real-time events impacting the hauling business. Route planning makes it easier for the shipping company to accommodate clients’ short notices, vehicle issues, and route availability. That said, route planning should always be quick to respond to any event to ensure a smooth, reliable, and cost-effective shipping process.

So, What Does Route Planning Entail?

Route planning involves identifying the most reliable, efficient, and affordable method of hauling a load from its pick up to its destination. Whether shipping locally or internationally, there are many factors that heavy hauling companies consider in order to deliver the best results. The idea is to have more and valuable information at the beginning for better planning. Here are some steps that transport companies employ during route planning.

Experienced shipping companies can quickly identify the right trailer for the job to guarantee the utmost safety and precision.

Analyzing and Understanding the Shipment at Hand

What is the nature of the load being shipped? Consider the load dimensions, weight, center of gravity, and stipulated shipping timelines. In this case, the shipping companies mostly focus on safety, speed, and cost. Sure, the best shipping companies such as Heavy Haulers will always look for ways to save you time and money during the shipping process. However, while some roads might be faster, others might be cheaper. That said, letting them know what is most important for you will make it easier for them to choose the ultimate route.

Determining the Best Hauling Methods

After acquiring all the information, your shipping company can now identify the best shipping method for your load. The trailer choice depends on the nature and size of your cargo. Experienced shipping companies can quickly identify the right trailer for the job to guarantee the utmost safety and precision. They are also experts in loading and distributing the
cargo weight
on the trailer and locating the securement points. If your load requires any specialized rigging equipment, expert companies such as Heavy Haulers have you covered.

Choosing The Ultimate Shipping Route

After all the necessary preparations, it is finally time to plan the journey. In this case, your heavy hauling partner will conduct extensive route surveys and identify potential obstacles and disruptions and devise ways to evade them. Some common obstacles encountered during the shipping process include travel restrictions, road constructions, curfews, and other limitations. These experts will also help you acquire all the necessary permits required for the operation.

Factors That Might Impact Route Planning For Oversize Load

Route planning for large and oversize loads is quite complex due to the ever-varying conditions. That said, there are some common factors affecting route planning that heavy hauling companies should put into consideration. They include:

Long Permitting Durations and High Costs

Load Dimensional and Weight Restrictions

Road Renovations and Construction Operations

Time of The Year

Travel Restrictions and Curfews

Route Survey Requirements

Escort Needs

Distinctive Route Features

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