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What is a Lift Gate?

Shipping cargo is a crucial part of the logistics industry, and over the years, reputable heavy-haul trucking companies have continued to provide efficient services such as lift gates. These services help shipping and logistics experts streamline operations and other essential functions.

In almost all shipping projects, the cargo must be moved by truck, especially from a supplier or destination point to a warehouse. This process may involve a lot of lifting that could be risky if not done by an expert.

In such cases, some destinations and buildings may have loading docks that make the process easy. Where such facilities are missing, you must use lift gate services.

So, What Exactly is a Lift Gate?

Before assessing when to use a lift gate, it’s vital to understand what it is. A liftgate is a mechanical device attached or connected to a vehicle’s rear to lift and lower loads from its bed. This equipment makes lifting and lowering loads safe and efficient.

Lift gate services prevent injuries and other cargo and operator risks. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics states that three out of four people suffer back-related injuries due to operations that require lifting and lowering loads.

Reputable shipping experts understand such statistics and offer proper lifting techniques like lift gate solutions. This equipment comprises a hydraulic and sometimes electric system that allows the operator to lift loads from the ground to the vehicle’s tailgate and vice versa.

Importance of Using Lift Gates

While you can manually load and unload light goods, freight cargo is usually heavy and requires specialized or professional operation tools for safety and efficiency. Manually loading or unloading heavy cargo can cause injuries, load damage, and legal consequences in case accidents occur at the operation point.

This is why you need lift gate services to protect your workers and your clients’ cargo. Generally, they have unique importance, including:

  • Enhanced loading and unloading efficiency
  • Improved accessibility in places with no loading docks
  • Versatility
  • Reduced load damage and user accidents
  • Regulatory compliance

When To Use a Lift Gate For Freight Transport

Do you need lift gate services when shipping freight? A simple answer is yes! Besides helping load and unload goods, the lift gate also helps protect the safety and efficiency of workers. But when is the lift gate necessary? Here is when to use a lift gate for freight hauling:

Unloading Construction Materials

Lift gates are common devices in construction sites to help unload construction materials from trailers and floor-loaded containers. Most construction sites have no loading docks for receiving or loading construction materials. As such, lift gates help workers and other personnel on-site offload freight faster and safely. In addition, lift gates come in handy when offloading dangerous chemicals that require careful handling and transportation.

There is No Loading Dock or Shipping Bay

A lift gate can be a valuable gem when there is no access to a loading dock. Some facilities have no shipping receiving areas, which makes loading and unloading cargo time-consuming and physically exhausting.

Thanks to a lift gate, it can streamline the process by loading cargo into a truck or unloading it from a truck. One benefit of using a lift gate over a forklift is that it can fit into narrow areas and maneuver around fragile goods without causing damage.

Loading and Unloading Commercial Freight

In commercial shipping tasks where loading docks may be inaccessible, lift gates are a versatile solution for loading and unloading cargo. Whether you are delivering goods to small businesses or building materials to a construction site, lift gates’ convenience and flexibility allow efficient load handling without the need for other external equipment.

During Residential Shipping Activities

Lift gates are indispensable when delivering freight to residential locations such as apartments and homes with no receiving areas. Large shipments like furniture and home building materials are common residential deliveries that require a lift gate to load and unload them. Using a lift gate, the driver can safely unload heavy or oversized freight and lower it to ground level without needing extra equipment or homeowner help. This simplifies the delivery process and mitigates the cost of hiring extra manpower.

How Much Does Lift Gate Delivery Cost?

Lift gate delivery cost varies depending on some factors, such as

  • Load dimensions
  • Weight
  • Delivery distance
  • Load type

On average, lift gate delivery can cost anywhere from tens to hundreds of dollars. Ensure you contact your preferred carrier for a quote.

The efficiency and safety lift gates offer cannot be overlooked in the shipping and logistics industry. Your shipping needs will be safe and efficient with a detailed understanding of this service. When you pick a reliable hauling company like Heavy Haulers, inquire about their reputable lift gate services and get cargo delivery convenience.