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Shipping a 2009 Country Coach Magna RV

William Thomas

William Thomas

Senior Logistics Manager

Shipping a 52,000lb Country Coach Magna RV

Milos, our international shipping expert from Heavy Haulers the shipped this 52,000lbs Country Coach Magna RV across the states of Saskatchewan and Alberta in Canada. The recreational Country Coach Magna is a modern motorhome and the transport was slated for pick-up in Saskatoon, SK to be delivered 529 miles away in Edmonton, AB. When the client called our Heavy Haulers representative, Milos was there to find out all the details and provide an accurate international shipping estimate. He sourced the Canadian weight permits and cargo insurance for the 12.1 ft. high country coach leisure motorhome vehicle and proceeded with loading and prepping for transport.

Custom Country Coach Magna Motorhome Transport Solutions

The diesel-fueled RV coach is a class one leisure bus with a 640 HP engine and features suave accommodating interiors themed on Magna, Allure, Rembrandt and Galileo. This Country Coach Magna required our specialized bus carrier trailer for transport, which had the capacity for the 45 ft. long leisure craft, which had a width of 8 ft. and was well within permitted limits. Loading was simplified by ramps and the bus was driven onto the Heavy Haulers trailer that featured a reduced material design. This functional trailer design included high tensile strength steel construction and wheel supports for Magna’s front and rear tandem axles, which were secured to the trailer platform with belt tie-downs. The lowered bed made the load easier to transport and the trailer was able to accommodate the length of the RV coach.

This Country Coach Magna required our specialized bus carrier trailer which had the capacity for the 45 ft. long leisure craft, which had a width of 8 ft. and well within permitted limits.

Delivering the Country Coach Magna RV

Delivery of Country Coach Motorhome was done within the specified time schedule, and at a location that had the client’s convenience in mind. Our no deposit fees at Heavy Haulers mean that a client will only pay when the transport process is completed, and we guarantee satisfaction with our secure delivery. The entire process of shipping the Country Coach Magna RV in Canada was performed under Milo’s specialist direction on logistics and dispatch coordination. Milos from Heavy Haulers is available today on (800) 908-6206.

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