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Tank Truck loaded on a hot shot trailer for transport

What Are The Requirements To Become a Truck Driving Team?

Truck drivers play an essential role in the heavy-hauling transport industry. Shipping oversize loads and heavy haul equipment require a specialized team of experienced drivers who are knowledgeable about the laws and regulations to ensure safe transport. They must be highly trained and knowledgeable to ensure that all cargo is properly secured and transported safely. In this blog post, we’ll explore what is required to become a successful team truck driver and some tips on staying compliant with laws and regulations when hauling heavy machinery and equipment.

Truck Driver Teams Explained

A truck driver team is a professional commercial vehicle operator who operates in teams of two or more drivers. The primary team member is the lead trucker, followed by the co-driver, and then one or more extra drivers if necessary. Each team may have different duties based on their experience and capabilities. Heavy hauling may require a driver team to ensure the cargo is secured and transported safely in compliance with local laws. Team drivers can cut down on delivery times because they can switch who’s at the wheel. Team drivers must be highly trained, and knowledgeable, and understand how to operate their vehicles under the regulations of their respective jurisdictions. Their equipment delivery services must be timely and reliable so the cargo can reach its destination safely.

Two trailers stacked on a semi truck for transport.
Stacking trailers to transport them on a semi truck.

Qualifications for Team Truck Drivers

Team truck drivers are responsible for safely transporting heavy equipment and oversized loads. To be eligible to become a team truck driver, you must meet certain qualifications that vary by jurisdiction. However, there are some general requirements standard across most jurisdictions.

First, team drivers must have a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL) and be at least twenty-one. They must also have certain experience levels in the field, such as those related to heavy construction equipment, oversized loads, or other specialized duties.

In addition to these requirements, team truck drivers must pass a physical exam and drug test to ensure they are in good health and can operate a commercial vehicle safely. They may also be required to complete a written exam and take additional classes on heavy hauling safety and related topics.

The spirit of these requirements is to ensure that team truck drivers can safely and securely transport heavy equipment and oversized loads and that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to do so.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Team Truck Drivers

There are several benefits to hiring professional team truck drivers for hauling heavy equipment and oversized loads. For starters, it helps reduce the risk of accidents due to their experience safely transporting these loads, thus making heavy hauling a safe affair. Qualified and professional team truck drivers also ensure timely delivery as they know routes and travel times. They also can help reduce the project’s cost by avoiding costly fines and other consequences that may arise from non-compliance with laws and regulations governing the transport of oversized loads.

Tanker truck on a hot shot trailer.
Transporting a tanker truck with Heavy Haulers.

Essential Considerations for Choosing A Truck Driver Team

When choosing team truck drivers for hauling heavy equipment, it’s essential to consider their experience and qualifications. Ensure that the driver holds a valid Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), complies with all regulations, is familiar with the routes for transporting heavy equipment, and has an up-to-date physical examination and drug test.

In addition, it’s essential to ensure that the team truck drivers have received proper training in heavy hauling safety and related topics. A team trucker driver who meets all these considerations is the best choice for transporting your heavy equipment and helping the heavy hauling subsector in the industry move forward.

Heavy hauling is a complicated business, for it’s essential to ensure that you adhere to all regulations and safety precautions. Hiring qualified and experienced team truck drivers is the best way to ensure your project’s success. They can help keep projects on track, reduce costs, prevent accidents, and keep the heavy hauling industry safe. Finding qualified team truck drivers is the first step to having a successful heavy-hauling project. With their help, you can ensure your equipment will be transported safely and efficiently.