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What To Do If Your Equipment Has a Recall

Companies rely on heavy equipment for their business operations. They play a critical role in construction, logistics, farming, food manufacturing, and entertainment industries. But what happens if you receive news that the equipment you are using or have just bought has a recall? Equipment recall can be stressful, especially when you need help navigating this situation. This article explains what happens when equipment is recalled, how to find out if your heavy equipment has been recalled, and how to transport recalled equipment.

Heavy Duty Ford Truck loaded for transport

What Happens When Equipment is Recalled

Equipment can be recalled if it causes safety concerns or has a defect that could harm its operators or environment. The manufacturers issue the recall to ensure the safety of the equipment, environment, and operators. Understanding the magnitude of the problem and knowing what to do when such a situation arises is paramount.

In an equipment recall, the manufacturer absorbs the cost of fixing the defects and reimburses the consumers when needed. While government agencies like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) are responsible for testing products before they go on the market, suppliers and manufacturers issue the recall if these agencies are informed or recognize equipment defects.

How To Find Out If Your Heavy Equipment Has Been Recalled

Different sources provide information about heavy equipment recalls. So before planning for transport to return it, check out if your specific heavy equipment has been recalled. Here are sources you can find recall information:

Government Agencies: Government agencies provide comprehensive recall information. The most common agencies are the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the Consumer Product Safety Commission. You can check their databases for updated information concerning your equipment recall.

Manufacturer’s Website: You can also find information about your equipment model on its manufacturer’s website. Some have a section of the website dedicated to equipment recall information, and they also provide instructions on the steps to follow if your equipment is recalled.

Local and National Media: Equipment manufacturers also communicate details about recalls and steps to take through local and national news.

Direct Communication: Companies can also contact the dealer or manufacturers to confirm the equipment recall. Manufacturers are better positioned to provide accurate and comprehensive recall information and guidelines.

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How to Transport Equipment That Has Been Recalled

After learning that your equipment has been recalled, the crucial step is to find a reliable heavy haul trucking company to transport it safely for inspection, repairs, replacement, or refund as necessary. Most equipment manufacturers have well-equipped service departments that administer recall services at their dealerships. But how do you transport equipment that has been recalled? Here are steps to guide you through the transportation process:

1. Work with a Professional Heavy Hauler

Most of the equipment is oversized and requires specialized transportation methods. That’s why, before settling for any trucking company, you research Yellow Pages and pay for a professional and reputable heavy haul trucking company with experience in providing heavy equipment recall services. Some heavy haulers offer expedited freight shipping services, allowing your equipment to be delivered on short notice.

2. Provide Required Recall Documentation

Once you have hired a trusted heavy hauler, please provide them with the relevant recall documentation and information for an effective shipping process. This will help them make necessary preparations depending on the nature of the recall and the type of equipment.

3. Schedule for Pick-up and Delivery

After providing all the necessary information regarding equipment recall, coordinate with the heavy equipment shipping company and schedule a pick-up. Prior planning will help you avoid workflow disruptions and ensure your equipment reaches its destination promptly and safely.

Ensure you are working with a heavy-haul trucking company that offers real-time tracking services so that you can monitor the transportation progress of your equipment. Once the equipment arrives at its destination, prepare it for repairs according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Handling equipment recalls can be stressful, but following the proper steps and working with a reputable heavy-haul trucking company to transport it can make the process hassle-free and safe. At Heavy Haulers, we understand how unsettling equipment recall can be and the importance of reliable transportation. That’s why we offer expedited freight services that provide seamless transport solutions.