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How to Save on Equipment Transport in 2024

Hauling large equipment can be a costly endeavor if not planned carefully. Many factors can affect transport costs when shipping equipment from state to state. Following are a few tips and tricks on saving money when shipping large machinery and oversize loads.

The Rising Cost of Equipment Transport

Reducing equipment shipping costs is an increasingly difficult task for many businesses. Rising fuel costs, inflation, political events, and drastic weather changes can all affect freight shipping costs.

Other factors that affect machinery transport costs include size and weight. The heavier a piece of equipment is, the more fuel is required. Oversize load transports may require special trailers and safety equipment to transport them safely and securely. Extra large machinery may need an escort. Freight companies will also have to pull additional permits and have specially licensed drivers to transport them.

Longer distances require more fuel. As divers spend more time on the road, labor costs increase. Some states have time restrictions for hauling large equipment, while others have varying weight and size requirements.

Businesses trying to save on transport costs should consider all the factors that could affect a shipment. This includes considering unexpected weather, accidents, congested traffic, and more.

Shipping a tractor on a trailer.

Tips To Save Money When Shipping An Oversize Load

  • Carefully plan the route. The shortest distance is usually the cheapest, as it requires less fuel. But when shipping heavy machinery and oversize loads, a more circuitous route may be more cost-efficient.

    Traveling on certain roads or through some municipalities will require pulling additional permits, which will increase the overall cost.
  • Reduce equipment size. You must know the differing load restrictions when shipping heavy machinery through several states. States have different weight and size requirements and require permits for loads exceeding their threshold.

    By disassembling your equipment and splitting it across several loads, you can avoid paying for the extra permits. It will also make the shipment more manageable and safer to handle.
  • Maximize the space. When weight is not a concern, ensure no space is wasted on the truck or trailer. Whenever possible, transport several smaller shipments together.

    Whether you only ship one or several pieces, fuel and labor costs will be the same for both cargos. Tightly packing a trailer or truck can help save money on machinery transport costs by reducing the amount of labor and trips required.
  • Be flexible with your schedule. There is a reason why express or fast deliveries are more expensive. Fast shipments restrict you to using only one transport method. You won’t be able to optimize your load and may be forced to go with a half-empty truck.

    Being flexible allows you to choose the best means of transport and the most efficient route. You can also avoid the holiday season, as transport costs are disproportionately high.

    Sometimes, equipment transport companies may offer you a lower rate if they can fit you into their schedule or consolidate their shipments. Some may also give you a discount if you give them a large delivery window instead of a specific day and time.
Shipping a dump truck on a hot shot trailer.

Working with a Knowledgeable Equipment Shipping Company to Save Money

You can save money by hiring a freight shipping company specializing in heavy machinery and equipment. These companies have the experience, resources, and workforce necessary for fast and efficient transport of different types of large equipment. They have specific trailers for oversize loads and can quickly obtain the needed permits, saving you time and money.

Freight shipping companies also have insurance should anything happen during transit. This way, you won’t have to pay for repairs should your equipment get damaged. Their drivers also perform regular safety checks to ensure your equipment is secure. They will also plan the safest routes to avoid obstacles like low bridges and high-traffic areas.

Heavy Haulers Final Thoughts

Reducing equipment shipping costs is not impossible if you plan carefully. Careful route planning, smaller shipment sizes, and flexibility can help you save on machinery transport costs.

Working with a freight shipping specialist like Heavy Haulers will give you peace of mind, knowing your equipment is safe. Talk to one of our experts to learn how to save money on machinery transport costs.