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Doing More For Our Clients – How Heavy Haulers Has Earned 13+ Years of Trust.

Heavy Haulers Equipment Transportation is among the best shipping companies in the country because we do more for our customers. Our place at the top is due to years of dedication and commitment to excellent equipment transport service that guarantees high client satisfaction.

We offer customers services beyond transportation, including superior client service, handling of paperwork, and complying with set regulations. Read on to learn how we’ve earned over 13 years of trust.

How Heavy Haulers Does More For Equipment Transport

In addition to our exceptional hauling of oversize loads, our company provides you with more services behind the scenes.

Our top-notch freight shipping services for overweight and heavy machinery and equipment make us second to none in the heavy hauling sector. We meet different equipment transport needs of customers through excellent routes or plans to plot transparent pricing of services and excellent customer service.

Our agents, truck drivers, and freight owners do more for the transportation of heavy equipment, such as:

  • Choosing the suitable means of transportation and routes for oversize loads.
    Transporting cranes, excavators, bulldozers, wheel loaders, backhoes, forklifts, mobile offices, machinery, boats, containers, 5th wheels, or farm and construction equipment requires a suitable route that handles the heavy hauling.

    You can choose between air, road, rail, or sea transportation, depending on your budget and how fast you need the shipment.
  • Selecting the best trailer for freight shipping
    Heavy Haulers has multiple types of trailer options that ship diverse equipment from manufacturers or sellers. Our shipping professionals examine the size and weight of the oversized or heavy machinery before recommending the correct trailer for safe transportation.

    You can choose a flatbed, equipment, trailer, RGN, landoll, or super load trailer for the equipment transport.
  • Safety of the equipment, road users, and truck drivers
    Heavy Haulers ensure the safety of your cargo by complying with all safety protocols and regulations in the state and country.

    Its professionals use the best tie-downs to secure your oversize loads for safe transportation to the intended destination. They also follow all the correct unloading procedures to ensure your equipment is in the same state before transportation.
  • Compliance with all shipping regulations.
    Heavy Haulers Equipment Transport Company also earned clients’ trust over the years by complying with the set rules in the local, state, and national regulatory landscape.

    Its experts follow all the regulations to the letter to avoid several setbacks, such as fines, legal cases, and penalties when transporting heavy machinery and equipment.
  • Provide clear communication channels.
    Another way that the company has gained and maintained trust over the 13 years of operation is by providing clear communication channels that offer peace of mind when goods are in transit.
  • Adaptation of virtual resources
    As technology advances, there are new-age business developments, such as virtual trucking carriers and virtual logistics assistants, that can help you make freight shipping seamless.
Shipping a rock truck on a lowboy trailer.

Growing Our Equipment Shipping Company Over 13+ Years

Since our inception in 2006, Heavy Haulers has grown tremendously to become one of the best transportation companies in the country. Its dedication to quality service and reliability ensures heavy machinery and farming and construction equipment arrive within the scheduled time frame.

We have corporate offices in three states, including California, Florida, and Kentucky, and offices in all states that customers can visit 24/7 when they need exceptional transportation services for inquiries. In Mexico or Canada, you can hire our services to transport equipment and oversize loads to your business or home.

The equipment transport company has been a success for over 13 years because of:

  • Its values: Heavy Haulers’ commitment is to provide excellent logistic and shipping services to its clients countrywide for maximized customer satisfaction and safety. Its professionals use their experience and expertise to match your transportation needs to the best shipping solutions for your cargo.
  • Mission: Ensuring customers are happy through our exceptional shipping services for oversize loads fosters trust and ensures secure and safe equipment delivery at the stipulated times.
  • Reliability and trustworthiness: Our company is successful because of its reliability and trustworthiness to clients whenever they need equipment transport services. We offer unique solutions to each shipping needs.
  • Paramount cargo safety: We also stand above the rest as experts who understand the importance of safety in heavy equipment en route and take all the safety measures to deliver your cargo safely. Load-tracking devices can help you monitor your machinery and other loads in transit.
  • Adapting new technology: Heavy Haulers is a success after 13 years of operation because of its adaptation to new business developments in the transportation sector. GPS, CB radio, dashcams, ELDs, and tire and pressure monitoring systems also enhance safety and communication while transporting your goods.
Shipping construction equipment on a lowboy trailer.

Why Choosing Heavy Haulers Benefits You

Going for Heavy Haulers is the best decision if you want exceptional freight shipping services for oversize or super loads. We have over 90 logistic exports, more than 14 years of experience in the business, and 30,000 plus available carriers that set us apart in the heavy hauling industry. Our truckers use their expertise to load and tie down diverse heavy equipment, regardless of size and weight, for your cargo’s safety.

You can also enjoy our 24/7 customer support, affordable pricing, shipping credit if you cannot afford the transport price, zero upfront costs, and personalized strategies if you work with us. Our one-stop transport shop is a call away whenever you need equipment transport.