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Lifting a boat out of the water

How to Ship a Yacht

Owning a yacht is an incredible experience. It provides an opportunity to explore the open seas and take in the beautiful nature of the ocean. But shipping your yacht out of the country or even across the country can be daunting. Thankfully, professionals can help you ship your yacht safely and efficiently. Shipping a yacht requires several considerations, from preparing it to arranging for proper transport. But, with the right help and the knowledge of how to ship a yacht, you can enjoy your yacht at any destination. So, if you’re looking to ship your yacht, this article will provide all the information you need.

Yacht Shipping Options

One option is to hire a heavy haul company to transport your boat by semi-truck. The price usually depends on the size of the yacht. Keep in mind, too, that as the yacht’s height and beam increase, so does the expense of transportation over land. This is because the shipping process becomes more complex, necessitating new road surveys and permissions.

If you choose overland boat transport, check the company’s references and inquire about the safety measures they will take to prevent the yacht from being broken into or stolen. You also want to check that the yacht transport company is licensed, bonded, and insured.

You can reserve space on a transport ship to ship your yacht overseas. Overseas cargo vessels can provide transport for standard and oversize yachts.

When choosing a yacht transport service, insurance is crucial. Find out the specifics of the insurance policy before making a reservation on a transport ship. Don’t assume a company’s insurance contract covers your yacht. It’s important to keep in mind that your insurance no longer covers your ship once it leaves your possession.

Another choice is to have professional yacht delivery services assist with a self-propelled voyage. Even though it’s a lot of work, hiring a crew could save you money compared to using a yacht transport ship to take your boat overseas. There must be enough people on board for the safety of your yacht, and you must be ready to put up with the inevitable wear and tear. However, there are advantages. A trained team will keep a sharp eye out for any signs of malfunction. When the vessel arrives at the desired port, the crew can declare it ready for the cruise of a lifetime.

Preparing Your Yacht For Transport

To prepare your yacht for transport, first, make sure you have the proper dimensions to provide the logistics agent. Knowing the make, model, and size will get you an accurate quote.

1. Secure valuables such as electronics, anchors, antennas, propellers, personal items, and more. If you’re ever uncertain, take the valuables with you to be safe.

2. Remove dinghies if attached.

3. Drail fuel and water tanks.

4. Ensure there is no water in the bilge.

5. Ensure the interior of your boat is secure by locking hatches, latching down anything that might move, and so on.

6. All bacon windows should be latched and taped from the outside.

7. Tape all hatches and doors to prevent them from opening and causing damage during transport.

8. Make sure the tank is no more than a quarter full.

When speaking with a logistics agent to transport your yacht, they’ll provide you with everything you need to know.

Be Prepared For Transport Delays

Shipping a yacht internationally or even across state lines can be challenging due to weather, traffic, and other unanticipated obstacles. If you’re planning on transporting a boat across the Atlantic or the United States, you should always consider these unexpected setbacks. Avoid wasting money by always having a delivery team on standby.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Yacht?

The cost of shipping a yacht varies depending on the type of service you use and how far the yacht is traveling. Yacht shipping rates also depend on the size and weight of your vessel. Costs to ship a boat increase significantly once its dimensions exceed 16 feet in width and/or 15 feet in height. Are you planning to shrink-wrap your yacht? This must be done at the marina before shipping and will cost around $30 per foot.

Yacht Shipping Tips

Ensure you remove as many valuables as you can from the yacht. Have you checked to see if your yacht is watertight? Yachts are exposed to the elements when on passage, so you should ensure your yacht is in great shape.

How safe is the interior? Shipping companies advise hauling straps to attach the items below the yacht to prevent any shifting during transit. You should consider winterizing your yacht if you plan on shipping it via northern Europe. Is there a chance that anything will freeze?

Inspect the shipping contract. It is not always possible to predict when a shipment will arrive, and even the largest ships might be delayed by bad weather. Also, ensure you compare prices. Shipping costs can fluctuate widely depending on several variables, including the current shipload. Scheduled services are usually more cost-effective, so you should look into them.

Just in case, you should leave an extra key. Customs officials at the next port of call may wish to board and inspect your yacht.

Heavy Haulers Final Thought

While it may seem counterproductive to put miles on someone else’s hull, shipping your yacht makes more sense than you think. When you ship your yacht, you don’t have to worry about the time commitment or the complicated logistics of transporting a large watercraft over a long distance.

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