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Lifting a boat to be loaded for transport

What is Overland Boat Transport?

One of the reasons you purchased a boat was for the opportunity to see and explore new areas, but time constraints or the boat’s restricted capabilities may prevent you from going to the farthest destinations you wish to visit. But just because you cannot sail your boat to your ideal location does not imply it will never arrive. There are alternatives for East Coast anglers who want to fish in Alaska, as well as cruisers from the Midwest who want to sail in the turquoise waters of the Bahamas.

Overland boat transport services are perfect for anyone who wants to ship their boat ahead of time. It’s also perfect for anyone selling a boat to a new owner across the country. Keep reading to find out more about overland boat transport services.

Moving Your Boat Overland

There has never been a better moment to relocate your boat and broaden your horizons due to the improvement of road transport, which has made much of the continent accessible.

Moving your yacht via land to new sailing grounds might be sensible and cost-effective if you enjoy visiting far-flung places but have limited time for lengthy sea deliveries. The practice of loading 50- to 60-foot motor yachts onto trucks and driving them throughout the US has become commonplace with the advent of highly specialized low-loaders for transporting boats.

Most boat transportation can occur over land. This is often the most economical, speedy, and secure approach. For boat trailers to be able to travel on the roadway without special permissions and road surveys, boats must typically fulfill the following criteria:

– Under 12′ wide
– No more than 13’6″ in height
– Located in and transported to a location having at least 14 feet of overhead clearance.

If your boat meets these requirements, land transport is usually your best alternative. When it comes to boat delivery for larger boats, it may be preferable to ship the boat across sea. There are several boat delivery captains and businesses that provide full crews, but it can be difficult to determine the total price because you may also need to account for gasoline, transient mooring, the crew’s return journey, and food and groceries. The contract should also specify who is accountable for any additional expenses incurred due to weather delays or technical issues. As you select a boat delivery business or crew, examine their references and ensure they have the right insurance.

Yacht transport ships frequently carry boats longer than 40 feet, especially those bound for remote ports or overseas. This involves contacting a freight forwarder. These firms have a regular relationship with shipping businesses, know how to book space on a ship, frequently have contracts in place with shipping companies, and can complete all the appropriate documentation.

Requirements for Overland Boat Shipping

If your boat isn’t already lying on its own trailer, boat shippers will use your boat’s measurements to calculate the equipment they need to utilize and the price they will charge; thus, it’s crucial that you provide accurate specs. Even if it has a trailer, it may be vital to provide this information since some boat shipping firms will retain the boat and trailer together and load the entire package into a bigger trailer with other boats. Prior to calling the service provider, ensure you have the boat’s specs as well as the pick-up and drop-off locations nailed down. This will allow them to give you an exact price and guarantee the operation runs successfully.

Work with Expert Boat Transporters

Similarly to how you shopped around for your boat, it is prudent to look around for a boat mover. Obtaining many estimates is advisable and will enable you to determine the most economical alternative. However, do not make a judgment based just on pricing. You want to guarantee that the boat transport specialists you entrust with your new vessel are professionals who will treat it as if it were their own.

Checking references is the greatest technique to investigate the reputation of a boat transportation business. Transporting a boat requires training and expertise. You should choose a transporter who understands how a vessel must be supported, balanced, and secured. Due to the varying weight and height constraints imposed by states, they will also need to comply with state permission authorities.

Final Heavy Haul Thoughts

Before transporting a boat, a few last considerations must be addressed under certain conditions. One difficulty that may occur when purchasing a boat and trailer online is the inability to check the vessel prior to shipment. Due to the inability to certify the trailer’s technical condition, it is recommended to advise the shipping business that the trailer must be pulled instead of being towed on its own wheels.

When an on-water delivery is interrupted by uncontrolled events, such as a crew member getting ill or a cyclone barreling toward the shore, another unexpected scenario might develop. Due to concerns like these, it is essential to keep all the information you initially acquired while investigating boat transport so that you have the contact information for a backup readily available.

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