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Oversize boat prepared for transport

Safety Tips for Boat Transport

If you plan to ship a boat, the first priority should be safety. Shipping a boat can be a complex process, and there are a lot of potential risks. From ensuring the vessel is adequately prepared for transport to understanding safety regulations, many steps must be taken to ensure a safe and successful shipping experience. Fortunately, some simple tips can help make the process much smoother and safer. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind when shipping a boat.

Planning Transport is Essential for Quality Boat Shipping

Ever heard of the seven P’s? Proper, prior, planning, prevents, pretty, poor performance? For a quality boat shipment, you want to plan ahead of time. If you need a semi truck and trailer to ship your boat, you’ll want to ensure everything is ready ahead of time.

Research the boat transport company, and speak with the broker about the best options to ship your boat. At Heavy Haulers, your boat shipping specialist will direct you on preparing your boat for shipping.

You’ll know about your route, what you need to do, what to expect when the driver arrives, and more.

Research the boat transport company, and speak with the broker about the best options to ship your boat. At Heavy Haulers, your boat shipping specialist will direct you on preparing your boat for shipping.

Choosing a Quality and Experienced Boat Transport Company`

A professional boat transport company has the resources and relationships with state permit departments, the DOT, yacht yards, marinas, and ports to ensure a seamless shipment without costly delays.

Ask questions when you speak with a boat shipping company. You’ll want to know the details of their safety record, DOT number, and insurance information. Check reviews online. The more you know about the boat transport company you intend to work with, the better.

A reliable boat transport company has the resources to ship your boat safely anywhere in the country.

How to Prepare a Boat For Transport

Hatches and everything else within the ship must be double-checked to ensure they are adequately battened down. All locker doors must be securely closed and locked. Remember to remove or lash down all things on deck.

Since the driver typically doesn’t have a key, any unsecured things present increase the risk of an accident. You should probably lock the cabin and hang on to the key. Both the fuel and water supplies should be depleted to a safe level.

Disconnect all batteries and secure all cords to keep them from coming into contact.

You should remove and pack away anything beyond your vessel’s length, breadth, or height, including anchors, electronics, horns, hailers, propellers, antennas, outriggers, canvas, flag poles, cushions, screens, windshields, and lights.

The carrier is not responsible if they get broken or loose during transport. The bilge should be dry, and the drain plugs should be checked before transport..

To prevent wind damage, fasten hatches tightly and seal them with tape. The latches should be taped shut to ensure the hatch does not open in transit. The windows of the cabin must be taped and latched from the outside.

You should inform the transporter about personal belongings or equipment that cannot fit within your boat. There may not be enough space on the trailer for your things and any others being transported simultaneously.

Other things attached to your boat that enhance its overall dimensions (length, breadth, or height) are not permitted by the Department of Transportation since they constitute a divisible load. Be sure to specify the measurements of your boat and any removable accessories (such as a hardtop, a bridge, an arch, or other objects) to ensure that they can be transported on the trailer.

If it needs to be transported on a trailer, a frame should be ready to be fastened so that the whole assembly may be adequately supported and secured to the trailer. Electronics should be shipped separately or safely stored in your cabin, with all windows, doors, and other access points shut.

Properly preparing your boat for transport is essential for safe shipping.

Heavy Haulers Final Thoughts

If you’ve bought a boat outside your local area, hiring a boat shipping company to transport it is the safest (and often only) option to get it home.

Safely transporting boats requires you to find an exemplary boat transport service and take the necessary steps to prepare your boat for transport.

Once you’ve done that, you can rest easy knowing your boat will arrive at its destination safely.

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