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Shipping a 1990 GMC Motorhome

William Thomas

William Thomas

Senior Logistics Manager

John is one of our dedicated specialists committed to shipping a classic 1990 GMC motorhome. Our client was really concerned about its safety but we gave him our word on ensuring it got to his premises in the same condition we would pick it up in. He had just bought the classic car from an auction ground at Bellingham, WA and needed it shipped to his home at Concord, CA. At Heavy Haulers, we offer shipping services to and from auctions as well. With the client urgently wanting the car to be shipped, John processed the shipment immediately and acquired insurance for it. He then accessed the 24L 8W 9.2H 8000 pound 1990 GMC motorhome and decided a removable gooseneck trailer was the best to ship it.

John decided a removable gooseneck trailer (RGN) was the best trailer to ship the motorhome.

Professional 1990 GMC Motorhome Shipping Services

Earlier that day, we had made shipments to the auction and our drivers hadn’t left the ground. Therefore, it was easy for John to call one of our drivers and direct him where he was to pick up the classic 1990 GMC motorhome. On arrival, he knew just what to do. He carefully reversed the car onto the trailer and tightly strapped it. Our drivers are professionally trained on how to load and offload vehicles with expertise. Loading having been successful, John dispatched the shipment. Our driver took the I-5 S highway because it was the shortest. Along the way, he stopped a couple of times to tighten the straps. After 14 hours, he was already at the client’s premises. He offloaded the car and it was in perfect condition.

Reliable and Affordable 1990 GMC Motorhome Shipping Services

Our company has resources across the country to serve any customer willing to ship heavy equipment or heavy machinery. Our team is made of professionals who have the experience to come up with solutions on spot to meet our client’s deadlines. Our shipping services are very affordable. We don’t have any hidden charges. To use our services, call us today through (800) 908-6206.

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Transport Specialist

John Shanley

John is a quality logistics agent with NTS. He always provides top quality service to his clients. With years of logistics and transport experience, he provides the best shipping solutions in the business. John is here day or night to get your freight moved.


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