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Shipping a concrete mixer and hopper

Shipping a Concrete Mixer Hopper

Eddie, one of our specialists received a request to ship a concrete mixer hopper from Big Spring, TX to Carlsbad, NM. Eddie immediately got to processing the shipment and also acquired insurance. He then analyzed the dimensions of the 35L 8W 10H concrete mixer hopper and decided this heavy equipment would only be transported using a removable gooseneck trailer. At Heavy Haulers, we have a variety of latest technology trailers and we only make a shipment using what truly suits the heavy equipment or machinery being shipped. Eddie sent one of our professional drivers and a team of crane specialists to pick up the mixer hopper.

mixer and hopper

Loading a Concrete Mixer Hopper on a RGN Trailer

When they got to the pick up point, the professionals with cranes loaded the mixer hopper on the trailer strategically to ensure that everything fit and was balanced out well for stability. They then strapped each section tightly to ensure that they would be safe and intact along the way. At Heavy Haulers, we ensure that the loading is done professionally to avoid any accidents. Eddie then dispatched the concrete mixer hopper as the owner was expecting them that day. With options of highways TX-176 W, US-180 W and NM-176 W to use, the driver took highway TX-176 W because it was the shortest. After 3 hours, he was already at the drop off point. Eddie had arranged for a team of crane professionals to be waiting at the drop off point to offload the concrete mixer hopper which went successfully.

Concrete Mixer Hopper Delivery with Heavy Haulers

At Heavy Haulers, we are known for our top services in shipping heavy equipment and machinery. We have a reputation for taking care of our customers’ cargo until it gets to their hands. It’s through our dedicated team of specialists we’re able to do that. For fast, reliable and affordable shipments, make us your partner. We never disappoint as we’re committed to fully serve our customers. To talk to one of our specialists, contact us through (800) 908-6206.

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Transport Specialist

Eddie Arevalo

Eddie joined the NTS team and quickly rose through the ranks to become the Branch Manager of our Tampa division. From his first transport, he began receiving excellent reviews from clients. It quickly made him an agent that people asked for by name. Eddie is proud to serve his clients and find the best transport solution to fit your needs.

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