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Ford E350 Shuttle Bus on a trailer for transport

Shipping a 2009 Ford E350 Shuttle Bus with Heavy Haulers

A client called one of our specialists asking for advice on how he would ship his 2009 Ford E350 shuttle bus from Cedar Hill Tx to Columbus, OH. Daniel Jean, who is one of our most experienced specialists, was ready to guide him advising him on the fastest route to use, the type of trailer that would be suitable and offered him a free shipping quote. The client was already impressed by our services and gave Daniel Jean a two day duration to have delivered the 2009 Ford E350 shuttle bus across 1056 miles. After putting into consideration that the shuttle was 23 feet long, Daniel Jean decided that a removable gooseneck trailer suited the occasion best.

Ford E350 Shuttle Bus

Loading the Ford E350 Shuttle Bus for Transport

After processing the documents necessary and acquiring insurance, it was time to pick up the 2009 Ford E350 shuttle bus. However, before we load any vehicle on the trailer, our driver must carry out a routine check filling in a form highlighting any dents or outstanding features. This form is used on arrival to confirm whether the vehicle has any new marks or it’s been delivered in the same condition it was picked up in. At Heavy Haulers, we always ensure our shipments get to the drop off points in the same condition they were picked up in. After this was done, the 2009 Ford E350 shuttle bus was carefully loaded on the removable gooseneck trailer and tightly strapped for safety along the way.

Shuttle Bus Delivery with Heavy Haulers

When Daniel Jean finally dispatched the shipment, he advised the driver to use highway I-30 E and I-40 E. This was the fastest way to get to the destination. Our specialists always analyze the routes and give drivers tips on the quickest ways to get to the drop off point. After 16 hours, our driver was finally offloading the 2009 Ford E350 shuttle bus. At Heavy Haulers, we ensure to put a smile on our clients’ faces. To get a free quote or inquire about anything gives us a call through, (800) 908-6206.

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