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The Most Popular States for Equipment Transport

The trucking industry contributes to the American economy by hauling vast volumes of raw materials, intermediate products, and completed goods overland, often from production plants to retail distribution centers. The construction industry uses trucks, including dump trucks and portable concrete mixers, for transporting vast quantities of rocks, mud, concrete, and other building supplies. Trucks are utilized by the industrial, transportation, and warehousing industries in America, where they are responsible for the majority of freight transit overland. Below are the most popular states for equipment transport.

Top Ten Popular States for Equipment Transport

According to DAT, below are the top ten states by load count for outgoing freight loads in 2020:

Texas: 1,735,000

California: 1,186,000

Georgia: 989,000

Illinois: 935,000

Ohio: 835,000

Pennsylvania: 743,000

Indiana: 656,000

Tennessee: 653,000

North Carolina: 551,000

Missouri: 485,000

Common Texas Equipment Transport

Products derived from petroleum and coal, electronics, chemicals, machinery, transportation equipment, and agriculture. Because Texas is both a producer and consumer of several sorts of products, freight prices in the state are typically stable

Common California Equipment Transport

Trucks mostly transport airplane components, electric cars, rough diamonds, telecommunications equipment, almonds, petroleum liquids, and integrated circuits. The vast number of railways in California facilitates and reduces the cost of intermodal transport to and from the state.

Common Georgia Equipment Transport

The most frequent cargoes in Georgia are automobiles, ores, slag, construction equipment, iron and steel. During the peach, pecan, and peanut producing seasons in Georgia, it might be difficult to access trucks.

Common Illinois Equipment Transport

Loads of light petroleum oils, large vehicles, medicines, telecommunications equipment, mobile phones, airplane components, and grain are likely to be found in Illinois. Illinois’s vast population, industrial base, and central position make freight shipping inexpensive.

Common Ohio Equipment Transport

The most typical cargoes in Ohio are airplane components, soybeans, mid-sized cars, big cars, motor vehicle parts, engines, and small cars. Compared to the national average, the state’s central location and huge industrial markets make shipping more economical.

Common Pennsylvania Equipment Transport

Coal, pharmaceuticals, liquid propane, aviation components, motorbikes, and palladium are the most frequently transported goods in Pennsylvania. Shipping will be less expensive in Pennsylvania’s urban regions than in rural locations.

Common Indiana Equipment Transport

The most commonly transported items in Indiana include various automotive gearboxes, gas-powered trucks, aviation components, big vehicles, construction equipment, and diesel engines. Freight volumes and costs do not change significantly, making shipping in and out of Indiana affordable.

Common Tennessee Equipment Transport

In Tennessee the popular commodities include whiskey, as well as medical, surgical, dental, and veterinary tools, big automobiles, aviation parts, mid-sized automobiles, cotton, orthopedic devices, and portable computers. Fall prices will be higher owing to the shipment of lumber and Christmas trees.

Common North Carolina Equipment Transport

Frequent freight cargoes on the roadways of North Carolina include airplane parts, pharmaceuticals, wood pulp, bombs and mines, and diesel engines. Fall shipments will be more expensive due to the state’s extensive lumber sector.

Common Missouri Equipment Transport

Finally, the Show-Me State transports a substantial amount of the following: gasoline-powered vehicles, aviation components, soybeans, pharmaceuticals, lead ores, refined copper, and pig chops (frozen). Missouri’s center location allows for fair cost of incoming and outgoing freight.

A Final Heavy Haul Note

The trucking sector is the engine of the economy of the United States. Almost every item consumed in the United States is transported on a truck at some time. In 2019, the trucking sector moved 11.84 billion tons of freight in the United States, accounting for 72.5% of all freight transported. In the same year, the trucking business was worth $791.7 billion, accounting for 80.4% of the nation’s freight bill.

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