California Heavy Machinery Shipping Services

Heavy Haulers is your most reliable choice for shipping construction, agriculture heavy machinery and equipment throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. We’re the premier shipper of construction equipment in the country. Heavy Haulers has years of freight-hauling and heavy-equipment shipping experience. Our courteous representatives are the most knowledgeable in the business. We offer door-to-door service, port-to-business transport and same-day loading. Call today for outstanding service, great rates and successful shipments!

Ask Heavy Haulers to transport your machinery between California and any state in the nation, Canada and Mexico. Contact Heavy Haulers for FREE transport estimates at (800) 908-6206.

Heavy Haulers is a frequent user of California interstates. A half-dozen interstate highways crisscross the state, including:

  • ● I-5 - runs north-south through the middle part of the state, entering from Oregon and ending in Los Angeles;

  • ● I-8 - travels east/west near the state’s southern border, linking San Diego with Arizona;

  • ● I-10 - runs east/west across the southern part of the state, between Los Angeles and Arizona;

  • ● I-15- goes north/south in a diagonal in the southern part of the state, from Nevada to San Diego;

  • ● 1-40 - runs east/west across the middle of the state, from Bakersfield into Nevada;

  • ● 1-80 - runs east/west in the northern part of the state, connecting San Francisco with Nevada.

Heavy Haulers can get your machinery shipped to every city in California including:
Equipment Transport Services in Los Angeles, CA.

Transports around the state of California by Heavy Haulers

Shipping a Caterpillar 416B Backhoe Loader

Heavy Haulers can ship your freight anywhere in the United States, Mexico or Canada. This Caterpillar 416B backhoe was recently hauled from Clovis, California and delivered 1,566 miles away in Wylie, TX. This Caterpillar Backhoe was picked up and delivered in 1 day! If you are looking for a reliable transport company to get your freight hauled call Tye F. at Heavy Haulers to schedule your next pick up! (407) 403-5982

Shipping Caterpillar D9G Crawler Tractor

This Caterpillar D9G with ripper was recently hauled by Heavy Haulers. This piece of cargo was picked up in North Fork, California and delivered 1,764 miles away in Houston, TX. Heavy Haulers can pick up whatever freight you need transported and deliver it anywhere in the United States, Mexico or Canada. If you are looking to have your shipment transported call Mike Phillips at Heavy Haulers today! (954) 603-2424

Shipping Komatsu WA500-6 Wheel Loader

One of our Senior Agents at Heavy Haulers, Travis Selochan, recently moved a Komatsu WA500-6 Wheel Loader that was 77000 lbs 32 ft long, 10.5 ft. wide and 12.4 ft high . Josa, California to Jonesboro, Arkansas was a 1,803 miles long. This move required permits for width, height, and over-weight. Travis was able to handle all the paperwork and transport the asset in a timely fashion while providing excellent customer service. Should you need assistance with anything please reach out to Travis directly at 727-388-4339.

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We offer an extensive range of trailer choices, including:

Common Trailer Types Available from Heavy Haulers

Heavy Haulers specializes in hauling heavy loads such as construction equipment, oil field rigging and Super Loads. We are wideload experts! We offer an extensive range of trailer choices, including:

Heavy Haulers Transports Heavy Equipment such as..

Cranes - Bulldozers - Excavators - Wheel Loaders - Crawler Loaders - Backhoes - Drills - Forklifts - Rollers - Scrapers - Compactors - Street Sweepers - Motor Graders - Scissor & Boom Lifts - Forestry Equipment - Trailers - Grinders - Skid Steer Loaders - Heavy Equipment - Petrochemical Equipment - Chemical Equipment - OilField / Gas Plant Equipment - Dump Trucks

California Ports & Airports Heavy Haulers Transport To/From

Heavy Haulers ships equipment to any California port. The ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach and Oakland are some of the busiest ports in the nation. The California ports we service include:

  • ● Port of Los Angeles - Pacific Ocean megaport on San Pedro Bay;

  • ● Port of Long Beach - Pacific Ocean megaport on San Pedro Bay;

  • ● Port of Oakland - Pacific Ocean megaport on San Francisco Bay;

  • ● Port of San Francisco - Pacific Ocean port on San Fran. Bay;

  • ● Port of Redwood City - Pacific Ocean port on San Francisco Bay;

  • ● Port of Richmond - Pacific Ocean port on San Francisco Bay;

  • ● Port of San Diego - Pacific Ocean port on San Diego Bay;

  • ● Port of Hueneme - Pacific Ocean port on Santa Barbara Channel;

  • ● Port of Humboldt Bay - Pacific Ocean port on Humboldt Bay;

  • ● Port of Stockton - inland port on Sacramento River;

  • ● Port of West Sacramento - inland port on Suisun Bay.

Heavy Haulers transports heavy machinery to all California airports. The state has more than 25 primary airports, more than 30 reliever airports and more than 120 general aviation airports. The busiest airports in California include:

  • Los Angeles - international airport;

  • ● San Francisco - international airport;

  • ● San Diego - international airport;

  • ● Oakland - international airport;

  • ● Ontario - international airport;

  • ● San Jose - international airport;

  • ● Sacramento - international airport;

  • ● Santa Ana - primary airport;

  • ● Long Beach - primary airport;

  • ● Burbank - primary airport.

When Shipping Equipment in California with Heavy Haulers;

When you choose Heavy Haulers, you’re opting for quality. Plenty of fly-by-night operations want your transportation business. We are professional transporters who are in this for the long run. Our nationwide construction-equipment hauling company is:

  • ● Experienced - More than 10 years transporting cargo in the U.S.;

  • ● Double Insured - Carrier and Contingency, Just In Case;

  • ● Professional - Fully Licensed, Bonded and Accredited;

  • ● Efficient - We accept nearly all forms of payment, including cash.

Experience Shipping Heavy Equipment to California

Heavy Haulers specializes in hauling heavy loads such as construction equipment, oil field rigging and Super Loads. We are wideload experts! Heavy Haulers specializes in the heavy stuff! However - we can accomodate all types of equipment no matter the weight. Below you'll find some common pieces of equipment we've transported for the past 10+ years!

Types of Equipment Heavy Haulers has Experience Transporting

Trust Heavy Haulers to transport any brand of equipment you own. Most of our drivers are experienced heavy-machinery operators who can safely maneuver your loads aboard our trailers. Some of the brands we have shipped include:

States That Heavy Haulers Transports to from California

Trust Heavy Haulers to handle your shipments from California to any of the other 49 states. We even handle transports to Alaska and Hawaii. As experts in the transport industry, Heavy Haulers can handle any type of shipment! We can get your equipment moved from California to the following states:

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