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8400 Gallon Double Wall Tank loaded for transport

Transporting an 8400 Gallon Double Wall Tank to Kansas

Heavy Haulers was recently requested to transport a 8400-gallon double tank from Willis, TX 77378 to Newton, KS 67114. The operation was assigned to Brian, one of our skilled specialists. There are a lot of details that go into making operations of this magnitude successful. From the loading to the offloading, handling the load is nearly impossible without the right resources. Other details, such as logistics, require training and experience. At Heavy Haulers, we handle all these technicalities efficiently.

Wall tank

Heavy Haulers 8400-Gallon Double Tank Specialized Transportation Services

The 8400-gallon double tank was transported using a specialized trailer fitted with bars to prevent the tank from rolling over. Brian Requested for additional tie straps. Heavy Haulers was quick to provide all the required resources. Brian and his team made pre-checks to the tanks before dispatch. The loading operation was completed two hours after the client made the request.

wall tank

Our heavy load transport operations are handled with the professionalism of an industry leader. At Heavy Haulers, we have agents on standby to process your requests. Our fast and efficient services allow clients to make shipments according to their schedules. With the resources we have accumulated over our years of successful operation, we can process multiple requests adequately.

Efficient 8400 Gallon Double Wall Tank Transportation Services

We provide heavy machinery and load transportation services with the same efficiency. We are always looking for new ways to improve the quality of services offered to clients. That’s why we have specialists updating our services to match the trends in the industry.

Brian and his team were halfway through the operation when the pilot vehicle reported rough road conditions up ahead. Harsh weather conditions affected the possibility of the road. Taking an alternative route would increase the time required to ship the 18400-gallon tank significantly. Brian added fasteners to the loaded tanks and refastened the existing tie straps. The side rails were checked after every 50 miles as an additional safety measure. Although the road ahead was challenging to navigate, the driver successfully made it through and delivered the load at the clients’ location on time.

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