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Beam loaded for transport on a Steerable Dolly Trailer

What is a Dolly Trailer, and When Do I Need One for Oversize Load Transport?

Shipping oversize loads can be a complicated process and requires special attention to ensure that the shipment reaches its destination safely. One of the components used for oversized load hauling is the dolly trailer, which is essential in transporting heavy machinery and equipment across long distances. Dolly trailer transport is often used for shipments that exceed legal size limitations, and understanding the different types of dolly trailers available and when one is necessary can help businesses ship their freight efficiently.

What Is a Dolly Trailer?

A dolly trailer is a specialized piece of equipment used to carry large loads over long distances. Dolly Trailers was originally designed to move large construction equipment and machinery, but they have become increasingly popular in the heavy haul industry for transporting loads of all sizes.

Dolly trailers are made up of several components, including the main unit which is attached to a tractor-trailer, wheel axles that support the load’s weight, and side beams or interconnecting bridges that help distribute the weight across multiple axles. The main unit is typically equipped with one or two decks, depending on the size of the load, and can be designed to support up to four lanes of traffic.

Dolly Trailer is key in heavy hauling because it allows for transporting extremely large and heavy loads. It is designed to handle heavier loads than standard trailers so it’s important to use the right dolly trailer for the size and weight of the load being shipped.

Steerable dolly trailer transporting a crane beam.

Types of Dolly Trailers

There are three main types of dolly trailers: single, double, and triple axle. Single-axle dolly trailers are most commonly used for smaller loads or when there is limited space available for maneuvering. They are usually equipped with one deck, which may be as long as 40 feet. Double-axle dolly trailers have two decks and are designed to carry heavier loads.

They typically range from 48 to 80 feet in length and can accommodate up to three lanes of traffic. Triple-axle dolly trailers are the largest type of dolly trailer available and are most often used for transporting extremely large and heavy loads. These trailers are typically over 80 feet long and can support up to four lanes of traffic. Usually, they are equipped with multiple decks and can handle up to 120,000 pounds of cargo.

When Do I Need Dolly Trailer Transport?

Dolly trailer transport is necessary when hauling oversize items that exceed legal size or weight requirements. Here, Dolly Trailer is essential because it allows for transporting very large and heavy loads. Additionally, dolly trailers are designed to handle heavier loads than standard trailers, so when shipping oversized items, they must be transported with a dolly trailer for safety reasons. It’s also important to note that dolly trailer transport is not limited to oversize items but can also be used in situations when the load is too heavy for a single truck to pull.

In addition, dolly trailer transport can be used in a variety of different scenarios, including shipping items over long distances where legal size and weight requirements must be met.

Safety Considerations for Dolly Trailer Transport

When it comes to shipping heavy equipment, safety should be your top priority. Before you begin the process of shipping your item, make sure that you take all necessary precautions to ensure that it is transported safely and securely. This includes ensuring that your dolly trailer is in good condition and properly maintained, verifying that it meets all legal weight requirements for the route you’re taking, and using the proper loading and securing techniques.

Additionally, it’s important to take into account weather conditions when selecting a route. If you are shipping through areas that are known for inclement weather, make sure that you select an appropriate trailer that can handle the conditions. Heavy hauling, therefore, requires a careful and thorough approach.

Shipping heavy equipment can be a difficult process, but dolly trailers make it much simpler. By understanding the different types of dolly trailers and navigating safety considerations, you’ll be able to ensure that your shipment is transported safely and efficiently. With careful planning and attention to detail, you can trust that your item will arrive in perfect condition and therefore, heavy hauling should not be a hassle.