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John Deere 643K Feller Buncher transported on a lowboy trailer.

What is a Local Transport Permit?

A local transport permit is a license issued to an individual or company by the district to transport overweight or oversized equipment on public roads within a certain geographic region. This permit might also need a state hauling permit, which is used on state roads.

If the maximum dimensions of a vehicle listed below are exceeded, an oversize/overweight transport permit is necessary for the vehicle to be permitted to travel within the defined geographic boundary. This requirement may also apply to vehicles traveling through other states. It is also important to point out that the federal government does not issue licenses for vehicles that are overweight or oversized compared to what is considered to be the standard. The state government is responsible for issuing oversize or overweight transportation permits.

Here is a list of the maximum weights and sizes that the federal government has set for the National System of Interstate and Defense Highways (23 CFR Part 658.17), as well as what is considered reasonable access:

Legal Weight

• 80,000 pounds gross vehicle weight
• 20,000 pound single axle weight
• 34,000 pound tandem axle weight

Legal Dimensions

• 8’6″ wide, 14′ tall, 53′ length (tractor/trailer)
• 40′ single unit
• 75′ overall with a truck and trailer
• 3′ of front overhang and 15′ of rear overhang

Feller buncher transported on a lowboy trailer.
Transport Agent: Brian G.

Local Permits Submission Requirements

In the majority of states, submitting applications for local state transport permits for oversize and overweight transport must be done online.

1. Send in the online application for a local transport permit at least five (5) working days before the material day.
2. The applicable fees must be paid in full before a permit may be issued. It is
possible to make a payment via the website using either an eCheck, a debit card, or a credit card, though this may vary with the local administration.
3. The following information must be provided in order to complete the online application:

• The applicant’s name, address, phone number, and email address
• The transport date(s) and time(s).
• The dimensions of the vehicle or equipment, as well as its weight.
• Detailed description of the load (if applicable).
• A description of any special needs along the route or at the destination.

Local permits for oversize/overweight transport are sent to applicants via email.

Wheel loader transport
Transport Agent: Stephen L.

Additional Information on Local Permits

It is possible that assistance from the police may be necessary for traffic management and the protection of pedestrians, but this will depend on the location of the permission request as well as the effect it would have. If county officials determine that police assistance may be necessary, the permit applicant is expected to contact the Police Department at least five (5) working days prior to the transportation so that a decision may be made about the necessity and availability of police support. The payment will also be reviewed in the event that the police are involved.

Obtaining a local transport permit is sometimes a time-consuming operation that must be completed for each oversize and overweight load. Accurate measurements, clear communication between everyone involved, and a qualified driver who can read and follow the rules of each permit are all important for safely transporting oversize freight.

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