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Fuselage transport on a lowboy trailer.

How Do You Transport an Airplane?

Transporting an airplane from one location to another is more complicated than just flying it there. Companies and individuals opt to have their aircraft delivered by a heavy machinery moving service for a variety of reasons, including the required distance, whether the aircraft is being transported overseas, and the plane’s flight worthiness. Even if the plane is able to cover the distance safely, it may be cheaper to transport it to its destination than to fly it. For transportation of your plane, it is advisable to look for an industry-leading airplane shipping company like Heavy Haulers.

Fuselage transport on a lowboy trailer.
Transport Agent: Daniel Jean

Why Ship Your Airplane? Common Reasons To Ship an Airplane?

In what circumstances may it be necessary to transport an airplane instead of flying it to its destination? Here are some typical scenarios.

• The aircraft has not yet been constructed in its entirety. It is fairly typical for aircraft manufacturers to ship fuselages and other components to a new location for final assembly.

• If your plane is inoperable and cannot undergo the necessary repairs at its present location, or if you just wish to get it to your current location without repairing it, shipping it overland may be a possible option.

• The aircraft is incapable of international or long-distance travel — Some smaller aircraft may not be able to travel internationally. A Cessna 172, a typical private aircraft, has a range of around 736 miles. Because of this , the airplane may be transported to out-of-range destinations through land, truck, and sea freight.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship an Airplane?

There is no one correct response to this question. It is contingent upon the kind of aircraft, the length of the wings and fuselage, the total number of shipments necessary to carry the aircraft once it has been dismantled, and a number of other variables.

The price might range from $1,000 to $5,000 for a small propeller-powered passenger aircraft to tens of thousands of dollars for a bigger jet-powered private aircraft. Consult an expert heavy hauling company that specializes in moving airplanes for additional information.

The Aircraft Will Need To Be Partly Disassembled During Shipping

Even a small aircraft, like the Cessna 172 mentioned before, will have a wingspan that exceeds the standard oversize load limit of 8.5 feet. Due to overpasses, tunnels, and other road features, aircraft wings must be removed prior to transport.

Additionally, other aircraft components, such as the propellers, may need to be removed. It is a usual practice to ship the fuselage separate from the rest of the aircraft on an open-air flatbed, while the remaining parts are wrapped and crated, then carried in a regular truck trailer.

You will have the responsibility of disassembling your aircraft prior to travel, although your transport firm will assist with loading the fuselage and crated aircraft components. Consider this when planning the transportation of your airplane. You might want assistance to disassemble and transport the aircraft.

Aircraft Shipping Insurance

When moving your aircraft across the road, you must ensure that it is adequately insured. Most likely, your existing insurance policy does not cover the transportation of your aircraft by a third party over land. In many instances, the carrier can simply add your aircraft to their current cargo insurance policy. There are a few considerations you should be aware of in order to effectively achieve this. The federal government requires trucking businesses to have a minimum of $100,000 in cargo insurance. Therefore, you are technically covered for that amount should your aircraft sustain damage. The hauling company’s insurance company must include your name as a certificate holder on the insurance certificate. This is something that many individuals do not realize and is often ignored. Once this is accomplished, you may rest easy knowing that your aircraft is fully insured while being transported.

It is considerably less frequent to ship an airplane than it is to ship a car, truck, or motorbike, yet there are circumstances in which a plane may need to be transported to its destination by truck rather than simply flying there on its own. This blog has highlighted instances in which aircraft may require ground-based transport, as well as the fundamentals of the procedure.

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