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Shipping an oversize barge

What is a Heavy Haul Broker?

If you’re new to the freight logistics and equipment transport industry, you’ve undoubtedly heard the word “heavy haul freight broker,” but you may or may not be aware of the services they may provide you and your business. A qualified heavy haul freight broker simplifies the transport process by connecting the shipper with a licensed, insured, and qualified trucking company or driver.

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What Do You Gain by Working with a Heavy Haul Freight Broker?

A heavy haul freight broker spends years building a network of qualified over-the-road carriers. When you want an experienced truck driver with the proper equipment and overweight permits, this broker knows who to contact. Even when capacity is scarce, you can rely on this broker’s strong contacts to acquire the vehicles you require.

Additionally, because of the volume a heavy haul freight broker provides to its network of truckers, you’re likely to obtain better prices than you would if you looked for capacity on your own. Heavy haul brokers know the ins-and-outs of the trucking industry, and can find the best rates to ship your oversize load.

Additionally, when you work with a heavy haul freight broker, you’ll have confidence that the carrier is licensed, bonded, and insured to transport your cargo. A freight broker specializing in heavy haul thoroughly checks its carriers. It links you with only truckers who abide by the laws of the states in which they operate. As a partner, this broker will always ask the appropriate questions, gathering all of the information necessary for your trucker to secure valid overweight permits.

What Could Go Wrong If You Do Not Involve a Heavy Haul Freight Broker?

Assume you need to transport three containers to the port, each weighing about 54,000 lbs. You’ve never transported this much weight before, although you often tender cargoes to truckers. What could possibly be so difficult?

You get a carrier willing to accept the package. The price appears reasonable, and the guy on the phone tells you that the firm is equipped to ensure a smooth delivery.

Generally, things go well. However, 50 miles from the port, a state trooper conducts a traffic stop on one of the vehicles. The officer assesses the cargo’s weight to be 53,952 lbs. using a portable scale. That weight is heavy enough to need a permit—but the driver does not possess one.

This results in the vehicle being taken out of service. Your shipment is stranded on the side of the road until you can remove part of the contents from the container or obtain a permission. The container may miss its scheduled departure. And you’ll be liable for further fees.

Pilot and escort cars are vehicles assigned to accompany trucks transporting oversize freight on the roadway. Typically, a truck transporting a cargo wider than 12′, 14’5″ taller than 14’5″, and over 90′ will require two or more pilot or escort cars.

A pilot car driver collaborates with the truck driver to ensure the cargo is delivered safely and on time. Typically, the pilot driver travels in front or behind the freight truck, alerting the public and other road users of the approaching broad road. Additionally, they alert other vehicles when there is a traffic disturbance caused by the truckload. Pilot car drivers maintain constant contact with the truck driver via CB radio, alerting them about accidents, traffic congestion, or anything else that might obstruct the transportation process.

An escort car driver maintains vigilance and makes sure that the truck driver does not inadvertently violate traffic laws or cause other road disturbances while transporting. Additionally, they guarantee that the cargo remains secure and that everything, including bridge crossings and lane switches, is safe for the truck driver.

Shipping an oversize barge
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What Could Go Wrong If You Do Not Involve a Heavy Haul Freight Broker?

There are companies out there who do not have the proper licensing or experience to ship your freight. You always want to get the companies credentials, check their reviews, and shop around. Watch out for rates that are extremely high or extremely low compared to other companies. Finding the best heavy haul broker may take time, but it’s in the best interest of your heavy equipment transport.

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