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What is an Annual Transport Permit?

An annual transport permit, often known as a “blanket” permit, is a license that may be issued to a commercial vehicle for a 12-month or one-year period. Annual transport permits often have strict rules and size-weight limitations that vary by state. Many states also issue 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day permits, as well as quarterly transport permits, depending on what is being transported.

An annual transport permit is necessary to enable the safe transportation of oversize and overweight loads while also protecting the public’s interests and safety, as well as the roads and infrastructure. Anyone intending to operate or transport oversized or overweight loads on public roads must get permission from the appropriate state authority.

The terms and conditions of all permissions must be strictly followed. If any of the terms of the permit are violated, the holder of the permit may be liable for legal action, depending on the severity of the violation.

With an annual permit, the fees for oversized and overweight loads may be less per trip, depending on how many trips are made, and more importantly, operators can schedule trips more freely without having to wait for individual approvals and permits.

Annual Permit Issuance

This permit is valid for a period of 12 months from the date of issuance within the jurisdiction in which it is issued. The size and weight of loads that may be transported with this permit will be regulated on an annual basis. Some states give yearly transport permits that cover an entire fleet of vehicles in a company, whereas others require an annual permit for each vehicle that intends to transport an oversize load. Annual licenses are appropriate for transportation companies that frequently transport oversize loads through or within a certain state or province. These permits also provide companies an edge when the local state is taking a long time to issue its single trip permits.

Annual permit licenses may be obtained in a couple of hours or up to ten days, depending on the state, the weight, and the route. Coordination of a journey across many states requires preparation and familiarity with each state’s application procedures and timelines. Individual trip permits are the best choice for operators who occasionally transport oversize or overweight loads, even though getting them takes time.

Oversize and Overweight Load Parameters

Permits are often required for transporting quantities that exceed:

– Overall height that exceeds 13’6″
– Overall weight that exceeds 80,000 pounds.
– Overall width that exceeds 8’6″
– Trailer length that exceeds 48′

This range of values is typical. For oversize and overweight loads, each state may impose extra or different values and requirements. Rates for overweight and oversized loads may also range, sometimes significantly from one state to the other, and there could be sliding scales for differing sizes or weight loads. The load limitations and related charges for each state are normally set by its legislature, so they are subject to change at any moment.

Heavy Equipment Shipped on a Step Deck

Single Trip Permit VS. Annual Transport Permit

Fees for overweight and oversized cargo are imposed by each state. There may be what are known as “super loads” that are subject to specific higher rates since not all oversize and overweight loads are the same. The fee-per-load under an annual permit will often be much lower than the permit for a single transport. Annual permits are only provided for a specified over-dimension or weight (or range of weights), so they may not cover the occasional “super load” that would require being authorized individually at the single-trip rate. The majority of oversized and overweight loads fall short of “super loads” in terms of weight and/or size.

The annual permit will save time and money if a company often transports along the same route. For instance, transporting oversized pre-stressed concrete beams for a large construction site either within a state or between several states. While some states have more complicated pricing schedules, certain states have fairly straightforward pricing for these loads.

Time and Planning

The processing time for individual travel permits might take several days, or even longer if a route survey is required. However, if a company routinely transports loads of a similar size and weight over the same routes, the cost of obtaining permits on a per-trip basis may be greatly reduced by obtaining an annual permit. Note that annual permits might start at any point throughout the month, and that they are only valid for the 12 months that begin with the month and date that the permit was issued.

Annual Transport Permits Save Time and Money

In addition to addressing safety concerns specific to the designated route, issuing the permit ensures that oversize loads are transported across bridges and roadways that can support their weight and dimension requirements. The application can sometimes be hectic, but there are a number of companies that can collect information about your load’s dimensions, weight, and scheduled route of travel and prepare the OS/OW application(s) for you or your business.

Having the right permits saves time and money. It also helps ensure a safe transport. Check with your local DOT to find out more about annual transport permits.

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