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CAT 320 Excavator on a lowboy trailer.

The Most Shipped Equipment of 2021

The continent of North America is extraordinarily productive and a global economic powerhouse. As a result, North America teams with numerous economic activities, including agriculture, forestry, mining, and building, to name a few. Even better, North America has invested in cutting-edge technology and gear designed to expedite and simplify such tasks. Below is a list of the most frequently transported equipment in North America.

cat 320 Excavator on a lowboy trailer.
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Excavator Transports in 2021

Excavators are vital to every building project. Without an excavator on-site, you are unable to move soil and execute other basic tasks necessary to fulfill your daily responsibilities; thus, hauling an excavator to your job site is essential to the commencement of any project.

Heavy equipment transportation services are used often on a daily basis throughout all key sectors. Transporting an excavator is straightforward when the proper equipment and carriers are utilized to execute the job.

There may be several circumstances that necessitate shipping excavators from one American state to another. You may need it sent because it is required at a specific location for excavation work, or because you need it for commercial purposes, etc. Your excavator may be delivered without difficulty by a reputable firm, regardless of the nature of your requirements.

Because excavators are so in demand for projects, it was one of the top transports of 2021.

1999 John Deere 862B Dozer Transport
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Dozer Transports in 2021

Dozers are often transported across the nation, either from job to job or from one owner to another. In order to move dozers, a great deal of effort is sometimes necessary. The majority are slow-moving and operate on steel rails, making road travel with them difficult and unlawful, necessitating the use of huge trucks for even short excursions over the road.

Some bulldozers require an excessive load permit due to their size. The term “oversized load” refers to any cargo that is wider than 8.50 feet and, with rare exceptions, requires a state permission to travel on public roadways. Frequently, the weight of a bulldozer exceeds the legal capacity of many truckers, so be sure to pick a trucker who can transport your dozer legally and safely.

Like excavators, dozers are extremely in demand when it comes to transport. Hundreds of bulldozers are transported across the country each year–both new and used.

Motor Grader Transports in 2021

A motor grader is a bigger type of heavy machinery used for leveling terrain. They are frequently used in road building and move massive quantities of material. This explains why they are so huge.

Motor graders are heavier, longer, and taller than most available construction equipment. However, professional transport agents know how to move it safely.

Motor graders were one of the most popular equipment transports in 2021, because of their need for road construction and more.

Harvester Transport
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Other Top Equipment Shipped in 2021

Thousands of equipment transports happen each year. The majority of freight comes in the form of construction, mining, and agricultural equipment, for obvious reasons. This type of equipment helps keep roads, buildings, and other important aspects of our society when it comes to new construction, gathering materials, and keeping structures safe.

Here are a few more of the most common freight transported in 2021.

– Asphalt Pavers
– Cranes
– Dump Trucks
– Cultivators
– Harvesters
– Farm Trucks

The need for heavy equipment transport is crucial. Construction equipment and other machinery must be shipped safely and delivered on time. Whether you need to transport an oversize load or a small piece of machinery, it’s pretty clear that transport is a vital aspect of production in the country.

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