Feller Buncher Specs and Dimensions

Choosing the right feller buncher requires you to do a research on what you truly need before making a final decision. You need to first look at your jobsite and decide evaluate the specs and dimensions of a feller buncher that would suit it. Using our feller buncher specs and dimensions, you can compare as many as possible before purchasing the one that suits your requirements. To find the specs, size and weight of feller bunchers on our database, you can look up their model, manufacturer or industry. When looking at the specs and size of a feller buncher, ensure it’s powerful and productive even in rough terrains. The size of the feller buncher you choose should be determined by the size of trees you'll be handling and the work environment. For rough terrains and large trees for example, you need a large feller buncher with a powerful horsepower and high lift capacity. If you decide to buy a used feller buncher, consider inspecting it well to ensure it’s performance is as good as that of a new one. At times you find that a used feller buncher isn’t as productive due to poor maintenance or being overworked. Consider the weight and size of the feller buncher you get for easy transport. After looking at the weight, length, width and height of a feller buncher, our professional specialists recommend the most suitable trailers for transport.

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Feller Buncher Specs & Dimensions
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All Feller Buncher Manufacturers

  • Caterpillar
  • John Deere
  • Madill
  • Tigercat