Shipping Heavy Equipment to Canada with Heavy Haulers

Transport all heavy equipment and machinery to Canada with Heavy Haulers. We move anything from construction equipment to miscellaneous machinery to and from Canada. Because your freight is going over the border, you'll need a few things to make sure your shipment isn't delayed. This includes:

● A Canada Commercial Invoice or Customs Invoice

● Bill of Lading

● Cargo Control Document or Manifest

● Shipper's Export Declaration

When you work with Heavy Haulers to transport equipment to Canada, we handle every step of the process. We put together the paperwork, gather the permits, and find the best driver available to transport equipment to Canada.

Machinery and Equipment Shipping to Canada

Shipping heavy equipment into Canada can be tricky, especially during the winter months. Using the Al-Can highway and other major thoroughfares is a challenge – unless you're a professional heavy machinery shipping service like Heavy Haulers. We make transport of construction machinery, mining and excavation equipment, and oversized building supplies like turbines or raw materials simple for you, our client. No matter where you're shipping from in North America, the expert logisticians at Heavy Haulers can get your goods delivered, even into the rough backcountry. We specialize in transporting oversize and heavy equipment anywhere in the world.

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The team at Heavy Haulers frequently ships into Canada. Here are the main state-to-province and border checkpoints that we use along the lower 48 borders:

  • ● Vermont/ Quebec

  • ● Idaho / British Columbia

  • ● Michigan/ Ontario

  • ● Minnesota / Manitoba and Ontario

  • ● New York/ Ontario and Quebec

  • ● Washington State / British Columbia

  • ● North Dakota / Saskatchewan and Manitoba

  • ● Maine/ Quebec and New Brunswick

  • ● Montana / British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan

  • ● New Hampshire/ Quebec

Heavy Haulers can get your heavy machinery shipped to every city in Canada including:
Toronto Ontario, Montreal Quebec, Calgary Alberta, Ottawa Ontario and Edmonton Alberta.

No matter where your origination point is in North America, we can ship into Canada. Once in the country, we'll use the main shipping lanes to make sure that your goods arrive on your timetable. From tight city streets to the icy highways, we'll get you there.

Common Freight Transport and Shipping Services to Canada

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How to Transport Freight to Canada with Heavy Haulers

The most reliable way to ship freight to Canada is to call Heavy Haulers. That's because there are several things you need to know about transporting equipment to Canada. Some of the most basic things include:

● You need a customs broker when shipping freight Canada.

● A proper Bill of Lading and Canadian Commercial Invoice (CCI), with the full shipment value, is required.

● Canadian national holidays differ from the United States, which may throw off your delivery times if you don't properly plan.

Shipping heavy equipment and machinery to Canada is simple when you work with Heavy Haulers. We handle all of the above and more, to make sure your equipment is delivered safely and on time. Because we handle oversize loads, wide loads, and even super loads, we can move just about anything. Give us a call and let's ship your freight to Canada!

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Shipping Oversize Loads into Canada With Heavy Haulers

Our team specializes in hauling oversize loads that other shipping companies can't handle. With a focus on safety, we've developed the best practices to ship everything from airplane wings to classic cars to 50,000-tonne backhoes. We focus on everything that your convoy needs, from an escort to flagging the equipment to the paperwork, including the bills of lading and customs forms.

With worldwide door-to-door and port-to-port service, we can handle everything from standard containers to breakbulk shipping. That's why Heavy Haulers is the best company to transport your equipment and machinery to Canada. We handle every detail, so you can be confident in shipping freight to Canada. Call now! (877) 380-7375

Heavy Haulers Ships Heavy Equipment Out of Every Major Port in Canada. These Include:

● Chemainus

● Dalhousie

● Halifax

● Hamilton Port

● Sept-Iles

● Toronto

● Montreal

● Port Hawkesbury

● St. John's

● Port Metro Vancouver

● Sydney

● Prince Rupert Port

● Quebec

● Saint John Port

● Thunder Bay Port Authority

● Victoria

Port-to-port delivery means that we don't release your cargo until your authorized representative is there. We've made our reputation on reliable, safe shipping services.

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The Canada Shipping Experience

Time is money, and with Heavy Haulers, you'll get the best value for your dollar. Start with a phone call to one of our expert logisticians and we'll take the information we need about your equipment. We schedule your shipment to Canada, taking into account the regulations for each province as well as the US border crossing laws. You'll receive an online code to track your shipment in real-time.

Our licensed, bonded drivers are expertly trained in safety and security. Each shipment is unique, and we pair the appropriately rated rig and trailer for your goods – including entire convoys. We're familiar with all major brands of equipment and how to safely secure each while protecting the delicate gears and parts. Once we've arrived at your destination, we'll unload and allow you to inspect. We've made our reputation on safety and timeliness, and we can wait to start working with you.

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