Liebherr Hydraulic Excavator Specs & Dimensions

Heavy Haulers specifications database has specs and dimensions of every hydraulic excavator model manufactured by Liebherr. You search for the model, manufacturer, or industry to find them. Through the Heavy Haulers specifications database, you’re able to compare specs and dimensions of Liebherr hydraulic excavators with similar models from other manufacturers. However, that’s after you survey your job site. The specs and dimensions of the Liebherr hydraulic excavators you get should be dictated by terrain, accessibility, workload, among others. A good Liebherr hydraulic excavator should offer you efficiency and high productivity.

Liebherr hydraulic excavators are used for excavation, rotation, moving, and loading. Through our specifications database, you’re able to provide reliable information about your Liebherr hydraulic excavators to potential clients as a seller. If you’re buying used Liebherr hydraulic excavators, do a thorough inspection or find a professional to do it for you. Some previous owners sell their old equipment because they no longer function well due to poor maintenance. Our specialists recommend the best trailer for transport based on the weight and dimensions of a Liebherr hydraulic excavator.

All Liebherr Hydraulic Excavator Models