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More Than Just Equipment Transport – How Our Shipping Experts Find The Best Solutions

Shipping companies like Heavy Haulers do more than equipment transport from one point or country to their intended destinations. There are a lot of activities and services behind the scenes that make them one of the best companies in oversize loads.

Before selecting a shipment company to provide the best solutions for your cargo or heavy machinery transport needs, there are multiple aspects to consider. Some factors include quality of services, attention to detail, efficiency, safety, and customer care services.

At Heavy Haulers, we offer the best solutions to all your freight shipping needs. Read on to understand the company’s dedication and care to your hauling demands.

An Equipment Shipping Company That Cares

When looking for a shipping company to transport your valuable oversized loads from the manufacturing company to your business or farm, there are things you must pay attention to to ensure a seamless transportation process.

One of the most vital aspects is the level of care for your equipment. A reputable shipping company like Heavy Haulers shows its care in several ways, including:

  • Helping customers with documentation: It assists customers in acquiring or filling paperwork, permits, and other documentation that guarantees compliance and prevents unnecessary fines, accessory fees, and delays.
  • Applying expertise and skills in their work: The logistic experts in the company use their years of quality-proven experience in the industry to ensure the safest equipment transport possible. They match oversize loads, such as construction and farm equipment, with the correct transportation, such as air, rail, road, or ocean.
  • Providing quality logistics: The hired professionals use their expertise to plot the path the heavy machinery or equipment will use, calculate all the relevant costs, comply with customs procedures, and schedule delivery as fast as possible.
  • Offering insurance: The licensed, bonded, and insured company insures your cargo for recovery in case of damage or loss.
  • Providing enhanced safety: The company, such as Heavy Haulers, ensures your equipment arrives at its destination in the same condition it departed during freight shipping through load tracking while in transit. The professionals also use the right tie-downs to secure machinery through the equipment transport. They neatly package the dismantled pieces for easy shipping.
  • Superior customer service: It offers the best customer services on heavy equipment transportation, freight shipping, international export, oversized and overweight loads, specialized transport, and other services to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Trailer experts: The trailer experts in the company can give you professional advice on your shipping needs and recommend the best way to transport your goods or heavy machinery after sharing the required specifications and dimensions of the cargo.
  • Shipping credit: Customers who cannot afford the shipping fee can qualify for a credit from the heavy hauling company that allows them to pay in monthly installments.
Transporting a heavy duty truck on an RGN trailer.

Dedicated Transport Agents For Oversize Load Hauling

When looking for the best company for freight shipping, it is wise to find one that has shown its unwavering dedication and commitment to safety and quality transportation services that guarantee client satisfaction. The dedication of transport agents dealing with oversize loads is visible in many ways, such as:

  • Understanding of transportation regulations. The agents should know all the shipping laws, including FMCSA and DOT rules, safety regulations, and inspection requirements.
  • All the necessary documentation: Having permits, insurance coverage, and licenses allows agents to work in the equipment transport sector efficiently, avoiding fraudulent activities or covering lost or damaged cargo.
  • Possessing a good track record from previous customers by obtaining positive 5-star reviews to enhance trust and attract more customers.
  • Quality heavy load transportation services for overweight and oversize cargo to anywhere and anytime at affordable or competitive rates.
  • The best customer support services 24/7: Agents answer all customers’ concerns and inquiries whenever they call.
  • Help customers with the necessary documentation to facilitate the freight shipping process from dispatch to delivery.

Choosing Heavy Haulers for Your Equipment Transport

Founded in 2006, Heavy Haulers is the go-to company for transporting oversize loads locally or internationally. Our trustworthy and reliable freight shipping company specializes in hauling heavy and overweight loads, such as RVs, construction, farming and agriculture equipment, mobile offices, boats, and cranes.

The team of logistics and agents can help you plot a fast, cheap, and safe route or path for your shipment for affordability and on-time arrival of your heavy machinery. You can enjoy our load tracking services to ensure your oversized or overweight load arrives safely in one piece.

In addition, our experts in our offices in all states in the country are available to answer all your questions and concerns to make your equipment transport as smooth and seamless as possible.