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Boat secured for transport on a trailer

Everything You Need to Know About Boat Transport

A boat is a costly investment that can be difficult to transfer if the owner does not have a suitable truck and trailer. The goal of boat transportation services is to provide clients with safe and fast shipment.

Because boat transportation is a difficult operation involving valuable cargo, clients will want to choose a credible, trustworthy business to ship their boats along their desired route.

Based on the size of the boat, one of the following four shipping techniques is often used:

• Shipping a boat on its own trailer
• Shipping a boat overland with a skilled boat hauler
• Shipping a boat on its own keel
• Shipping a boat on a cargo transport vessel

Shipping a Boat With Its Own Trailer

If you purchased a boat-motor-trailer set, you may be able to manage the delivery on your own for nothing more than the cost of gas and your own time. Clearly, this necessitates the use of a tow truck capable of carrying the load. Otherwise, truck rental is always available. However, if you don’t have the time or skill to trailer the boat yourself, it is advisable that you hire a professional to ship the boat.

Shipping a Boat Overland

Most boats are transported overland, and even those with their own trailers are delivered on a flat-bed or a bigger multi-boat trailer. However, shipping a boat down the roadway has certain very precise restrictions. All land-based boats must comply with the following requirements:

• Should be no more than 12’0″ wide
• Should be no more than 13’6″ tall
• Should be ready for pick-up and have a loading and unloading location with at least 14’0″ overhead clearance.

You can have your boat transported on a specialized trailer overland by a professional if it fits all of these standards. Naturally, this will cost a little more than towing the boat home yourself, but the difference isn’t significant. The ultimate cost is determined on the size of the boat, the distance it must be transported, and the boat’s worth (which can affect insurance costs). Because of all of these varied elements, the price range is rather big, shipping charges for a boat can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Shipping a Boat Overland With Professionals

When it comes to large boats and yachts, the best method to ship them is on their own bottom. Again, this is a task you might want to undertake on your own. In fact, many new boat owners turn transporting their own boat to their home port into an experience by sailing up the Intracoastal or taking a long voyage from the manufacturer’s hometown. However, the time commitment may be exorbitant depending on the distance. Professional delivery captains are often used to transport boats that are shipped on their own bottom. Additional crew may be required in cases of oversize boats, such as yacht transport.

When shipping a boat this manner, there are several unique factors that must be taken into mind:
You may need to obtain additional insurance, provide food and/or lodgings for the captain and crew, and in many situations, you will be asked to pay for the captain and crew’s return flight when the delivery is completed.

Because this type of delivery occurs on the sea, you must be prepared for inclement weather, technical troubles, and other variables that might create delays.

You’ll need a contingency plan in place if the boat and crew are stranded at a faraway port for days on end due to a hurricane, for example.

Shipping a Boat On Cargo Ships

Shipping through a cargo transport ship may be the ideal solution for very big boats and yachts destined for lengthy travels or foreign locations. These situations are uncommon and, as one might think, far more costly. Obviously, you’ll need to reserve a ship’s space, which normally entails contacting a “freight forwarding” business These are businesses that specialize in booking space aboard ships and handling all of the associated paperwork and logistics.

How Much Does It Cost To Transport a Boat?

As you may assume, the farther your boat has to go, the more expensive it will be, especially if you have professionals to transport it for you.

The distance your boat must be transported is simply one factor to consider. The size of your ship is another important component in influencing the pricing. A larger length not only takes up more room on the world, but it also indicates weight, which puts more strain on the vehicle that transports your boat. With that information in mind, it’s no surprise that a larger boat will cost more to carry each mile on average.

Knowing The Best Boat Transport Option

It is essential to advise your transporter of any additional things that will be carried with your boat but will not be housed on board. In some circumstances, additional things are being transported alongside yours, and if you are not notified beforehand, there may not be enough space on the trailer. Furthermore, you must avoid increasing any dimension of your boat by adding extra objects, as the Department of Transportation deems this to be a divisible load that is not permitted.

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