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Orange Triton shipping container prepared for transport on a step deck trailer

Methods to Move a Shipping Container

Shipping containers come with a wide range of uses. Whether you want to use one for construction, personal or business storage, you need to get them transported to the designated site. Originally, Shipping containers were invented to transport cargo from one place to another, safely and securely protecting these goods from damage by the harsh elements. These containers can easily be moved through different transportation modes. For instance, they can be stacked and transported on cargo ships, secured on delivery trains, or put in a lorry and driven to their ultimate destination. All the same, shipping containers are quite heavy even when they are empty. For example, a typical empty shipping container can weigh as much as 4.2 metric tonnes. Sure, this makes them extra strong and robust. On the other hand, it also makes them complex to move unless you are well equipped with all the necessary tools, knowledge and experience required to transport them.

How to Move a Shipping Container

Trucks are the most common means used to transport shipping containers. If you opt to go by this method, you must consider our container dimensions and the accessibility to its final destination. The hack is to find a reliable heavy trucking company such as Heavy Haulers to guide you through selecting the best transportation option to guarantee a quick, safe and timely delivery. Heavy Haulers will also provide an accurate cost estimate and keep you posted throughout the entire shipping process. Below are some of the common trucking solutions used to transport a shipping container:

Tilt Bed Trailer

Tilt bed trailer transport one of the most effective and safe ways of hauling a shipping container, especially when moving it for less than 200 miles. You only need to ensure that there is plenty of space where the trailer can safely back up and allow the container to side off when unloading. Besides, this ground needs to be flat, dry, firm and well levelled. The best thing about using a tilt bed trailer is that the driver can quickly and easily offload the container on the ground without using such additional equipment as cranes and forklifts. But keep in mind that at one point, your shipping container will be tilted, and inarguably, the contents therein might also move. That said, it is crucial that you secure it to the trailer before you drive off.

A Flatbed or Step-Deck Trailer

If you are hauling your shipping container for over 200 miles, we recommend using a flatbed trailer. This is because a tilt bed trailer tends to cost more than flatbed trailers, especially when they operate per mile. This makes a flatbed trailer a more cost-effective solution when transporting your containers for longer distances. Suffice to say, a flatbed trailer lacks surrounding walls. As such, you will need a crane or forklift when offloading the shipping container off the trailer bed.

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