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Flatbed transportation is the answer when you are hauling all types of loads including, products, materials, heavy machinery and equipment that needs to be secured properly even though it may be fitted to the edge of the trailer, flatbeds are also used for as hard-to-fit loads that won't fit into standard enclosed trailers, or an item that simply needs to be lifted onto the trailer as Flatbeds offer amazing versatility when shipping cranes and other bulky equipment and also allow shipments to be loaded from any side. In addition, flatbed equipment includes RGNs, double drops, and step decks. When you need to haul construction, agricultural, or mining equipment, or any other load that doesn't require enclosure, count on Heavy Haulers to take care of all the shipping details. We provide all pilots and escort cars required for your flatbed transport and acquire all necessary permits. Whether you need flatbed transport services across the state or across the nation, Heavy Haulers is the solution to your oversize transport problems. We provide flatbed transport services in all 50 states.

Recent Loads We Moved on a Flatbed Trailer

Steel Beams & Misc Hardware Load hauled on a hotshot trailer

  • Shipping From: Castle Hayne, NC 28429

  • Transporting To: Castle Hayne, NC 28429

  • Specs: 13 Steel; 1 Pallet ; 20,000lbs, 24L X 4W

  • Transport Specialist: Hal Foster
    (772) 227-1564

Wacker G-125 Generator Tranportation Service Shipping a Wacker G-125 Generator

Transporting a Wacker G-125 Generator on a Flatbed Trailer

Heavy Haulers can transport more than just heavy machinery. This is one of our transports from Dickinson, ND to Ackerly, TX approximately 1,241 miles. Trust us to get your implements or miscellaneous equipment transported. We transported these two generators for one of our repeat clients! You need a trailer and we provide the carrier! Call Brian G. to schedule your next shipment with Heavy Haulers today! (754) 203-9267.

Hauling Lumber on a Flatbed Trailer to its Job Site

Whatever your transportation need is Heavy Haulers can handle it. Do you need to transport equipment? Do you need to transport implements? Do you need to haul some miscellaneous cargo? If you answered yes to any of those questions you need to call Jamie at Heavy Haulers. No matter what the cargo is or the type of trailer that is required to ship your cargo properly Heavy Haulers can handle it. Call today to speak to our qualified agent Jamie for more details! (754) 203-8738.

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How Much Can a Flatbed Trailer Carry?

A flatbed trailer cannot exceed 53' in length, and legal flatbed trailers are often found in 48' length and 8.5' wide dimensions, with a depth allowance of 8.5' to accommodator removable gooseneck (RGN), drop decks, and step decks . A flatbed trailer is able to carry a load of up to 48,000 pounds, making it indispensable when hauling heavy, oversize freight load or many smaller shipments. At Heavy Haulers, we are the oversize transport specialists. We have hauled oversize flatbed trailer payloads everywhere in the nation. Freight of all shapes and sizes and overweight loads are no problem for our shipping experts. Heavy Haulers has a team of logistics specialists that will route, schedule, and provide all permits you need, so you don't have the hassle.

Types of Flatbed Trailers Made for Heavy Transport

Legal flatbeds, double drops, step decks, and RGNs are all types of flatbed trailers. The right one for your shipment depends on what you want to ship. Our professional shipping crew at Heavy Haulers has the experience and knowledge necessary to choose the correct flatbed trailer for your transport needs. You can trust the experts in oversize freight shipping to pay attention to the details of your load and determine the safest, most efficient method and means for the flatbed transport services you need.

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Recent Loads We Moved on a Flatbed Trailer

Shipping New Holland L230 skid steer

The delivery of a New Holland L230 skid steer with extra buckets and forks was was just coordinated by our agent Chris here at Heavy Haulers. The 10,000 pound construction machine travel approximately 580 miles from Bancroft in Iowa to Sundance, Wyoming. A single drop trailer was needed for the move and a dock at both ends for loading and loading. The move went smoothly thanks to our agent’s proactive logistics planning. Do you need to haul construction materials and machinery to your project site? Give Chris a call at (800) 908-6206 ext. 738.

Transporting Equipment on a Flatbed Trailer

Heavy Haulers recently had the job of moving over 12 tons in pipe floats for a dredging machine (47L, 8W, 8H). As part of a 2 truck shipment, the oversize load traveled over 500 miles from Beaumont, Texas to Harrah in Oklahoma. The demand to move dredgers and dredging equipment has rapidly grown over the past year, but our agents are ready to overlook your shipment from start to finish. Would you like to get a free quote to move your dredging equipment? Give Jacob a call at 561-208-8418.

Using a Flatbed Trailer to Transport a 2007 Terex RT175 Crane

Trust in Jason Foltz at Heavy Haulers to schedule your shipment. Heavy Haulers can haul any freight you need transported! Our agents are trained to be able to get your freight to its destination in a timely manner. This Terex Crane was recently transported from the United States to Colombia. If you have an international crane shipment or any freight in general call Jason Foltz at Heavy Haulers to get it loaded on the next truck! (954) 603-2322

Heavy Haulers can handle shipping your dumpster container

We Are the best when It Comes To Flatbed Towing Services (800) 908-6206

At Heavy Haulers, the most important person is the client. We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers are happy all the time. We have all kinds of flatbeds that you might require for the towing of your products, materials and heavy machinery that need to be secured well before towing. Our flatbeds have amazing versatility, especially when you are shipping cranes, equipment that can be loaded from any of the sides or other bulky equipment. Call us through (800) 908-6206.

Flatbed Trailer Shipping

LTL Freight Shipping on a Flatbed Trailer

LTL freight shipping is used when there is a partial load that doesn't use the entire trailer. In these cases, you only pays a part of the expense of hauling a full load. Heavy Haulers offers LTL freight shipping, which reduces the cost of your flatbed transport services considerably. The rest of the flatbed trailer can be filled with other customer's shipments, with each shipper paying their portion of the entire freight cost. In addition to the reduced price, the security of your shipment is better, since most LTL loads are palleted. A well-packaged pallet adds a extra level of safety to your shipping process. When you trust your LTL shipment to the professionals at Heavy Haulers, you know you have decades of experience in palleting and loading your partial load working for you.

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