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CAT D7R Bulldozer loaded on a RGN trailer

The Cost of Oversize Load Transport

You might need to transport oversize loads from one place to another at one time or another. This might include construction, military or industrial equipment. Of course, hauling oversize loads is slightly different from regular shipping, most probably because they require specialized equipment and come at a higher cost. They might also need extra permits, pilot and escort cars for a safe and successful hauling process. When it comes to the cost of shipping oversize loads, the price tends to vary depending on various factors as well as the nature of the load being transported.

What is an Oversize Load?

Every American state has a specific limit to all interstate cargo’s weight, length, width, and height. While these limits fluctuate depending on the state, an oversize load is generally more than 8.5 feet wide and 8.5-13.5 feet high. They are also more than 53 feet long and weigh more than 46000 pounds. That said, here are some of the items that might be considered oversize:

Agricultural Equipment Transport – Tractors, Combines
Construction Equipment Shipping – Bulldozers, Backhoes, Cranes, And Dump Trucks
Manufacturing Equipment Hauling – Grinders, Conveyors, Assembly Lines

Oversize Load Shipping Rates

Besides the regular shipping costs, an oversize load requires state permits and sometimes escort services which should be arranged and paid for in advance. The designated routes and whether your load needs to be transported at night, on holidays or weekends will also factor into the pricing. Note that the average shipping cost might also vary based on the size and nature of the shipment you are hauling. For instance, some loads such as hazardous materials might require quick transportation, specialized equipment and exceptional handling, all of which come at an extra cost. Suffice to say, the cost of permits and, therefore, the ultimate shipping rates varies from one state to another, which might make cost estimation quite tricky.

All the same, a reliable and experienced heavy hauling company such as Heavy Hauler should be able to calculate and provide you with a rough estimate. Such companies have been in the logistics industry for quite some time and therefore know all the hacks to successful shipping of oversize loads both domestically and internationally. You are therefore guaranteed a safe, reliable and timely shipping process with no hidden charges. Ideally, moving an oversize load might range from $2.30 per mile, while very large loads might cost you to about $ 10 per mile, depending on your heavy hauling company of choice.

Factors That Might Affect the Cost of Hauling an Oversize Load

As aforementioned, factors such as load types, designated routes, mileage and season can affect the ultimate cost of shipping oversize loads. However, here are some more specific factors that you might want to consider:

Your oversize load might require an escort, especially if it is particularly wide. The escort serves to alert the truck driver of accidents, construction works, etc. It is also a crucial safety alert to other motorists on the road, notifying them of an approaching wide load. The placement and number of escort vehicles required for specific oversize loads might vary by state. However, it will be economical to use the minimum number of escort vehicles for every segment of oversize shipments.

Specific Limitations and Permits
Most states tend to restrict oversize loads to travel and particular times. Some oversize loads cannot be transported at night or during the holidays. Suffice to say, such restrictions might end up interfering with the transport schedule, thereby raising the ultimate shipping costs.

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