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Hauling a classic RV

Classic RV Transport

Old School RV Shipping Services from Heavy Haulers

When the call came to transport this classic RV from Prescott, AZ 86301 to Conroe, TX 77385, our specialists Willam Thomas was quick to begin processing the order. One of our most common hauls are RVs and mobile homes. Many times, after driving across the country, people prefer to fly home, so have their RV shipped back instead. Another common reason people transport RVs is because they’ve sold it to a new owner. This 1976 GMC Travel Van was shipped to Texas to a new owner, and Willam Thomas, one of our lead transport specialists, had all the tools to get it done.

Classic RV Loaded For Transport

Transporting a 1976 GMC Travel Van With Quality Service

First, all the details about the car were recorded. The old school RV was a 1976 GM Travel Van and 26x8x9.9 8k lbs. Willam Thomas determined towing the RV to its location was the most convenient way to transport the RV. The operation had to be carried out in the next two days as per the clients’ request. The client made it clear that they wanted to travel as soon as possible. We handle the transportation of different vehicles and wide loads including minibuses, RVs, campers, and semi-truck, the 1976 GMC Travel Van was not an exception.

Before the transportation operation was commenced, the material of the RV was reinforced, so the steel tie straps would not cut through the material during transit. Moreover, the wheels of the RV were checked by specialists to ensure they had the right pressure. Since our specialized Heavy Haulers Towing services would tow the car, we made sure the loose objects in the RV were firmly fixed or removed. Soon afterward, the car was on its way to Conroe, TX.

Professional Classic RV Towing Services

During the operation, Willam Thomas provided all the feedback on the progress of the operation. At Heavy Haulers, we provide towing services to clients in different regions. We understand that various rules and regulations act as guidelines when towing heavy cargo to different locations. Our team of transport specialists ensures all the relevant permits are provided before the transport operation. We also offer our clients’ shipment with insurance covers to safeguard their interests.

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