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ford crane truck loaded on a step deck trailer for transport

Shipping a Ford Crane Truck with Heavy Haulers

We were hired by a construction company to transport a Ford crane truck from Morris, IL to Omaha, NE. The shipment was to be made urgently because a project was at a standstill and wouldn’t continue without the Ford crane trucks. Daniel Jean, one of specialists was the one to see the shipment through the 423 miles. A step deck trailer was to be used to ship the two Ford crane trucks. On picking them up, our driver ensured that they were both loaded onto the trailer safely. They confirmed that they were in the right gear mode to avoid having the crane move while on transit. Then, they were both strapped onto the trailer using chains to avoid any movement along the way.

ford crane truck

Shipping Ford Crane Trucks on Time

After processing all the necessary documents including the insurance and confirming the loading had been done right, Daniel Jean dispatched the shipment. The driver took highway I-80 W which was the fastest route to the drop off location. Through the shipping, Daniel Jean kept in touch with the construction company updating them on the progress and when they would expect the two Ford cranes to arrive. Crane trucks are used for transporting structures and heavy materials lowering and lifting. They are great for utility work and lifting structures such as roofs. After 6 and a half hours, our driver was already at the drop off point ready to offload the two Ford cranes. Our goal is to always use the shortest and the fastest route to the drop off.

Affordable Ford Crane Truck Hauling Services

At Heavy Haulers, we are not only known for executing our shipping well but also for affordable shipping costs. Our team is made of specialists who have gained a lot of experience along the way having
transported different heavy duty trucks and heavy machineries to different parts of the country. Our services are of an industry leader that we are. To transport any heavy equipment or machinery, talk to one of our Heavy Haulers specialists through (800) 908 6206 for a free transport estimate.

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