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Transporting a Mobile Sub Station

Shipping a Mobile Sub Station

Shipping a Mobile Sub Station from Cedar City, UT to Dallas, TX

Jay from Heavy Haulers did the transport of this 20,000-pound electric substation that featured its own chassis and tandem axle. The 13.4 ft. high mobile substation could have been towed as a power only move, but the distance to transport made Jay select a Heavy Haulers RGN trailer for the load. This method better protected this cargo’s delicate nature and ensured that the substation reached its destination in the same condition it was picked in.

Shipping A Mobile Sub Station Safely

The electric mobile substation is used as secondary support to transmission stations in remote places, or to set up temporary transformer points during line installations and repairs. This electrical equipment is sturdily built to protect the internal components from the elements, and this mobile version had the full capacity of the permanently placed variations.

Though the mobile substation had the capacity for on-road and off-road conveyance with its dual tandem axle chassis, Jay knew that the speeds involved required a more powerful load handling transport. An RGN trailer had the ability and weight specifications to legally haul the electric substation across state lines without risking any component wear or damage.

Once Jay had arranged for cargo insurance and permits due to the load’s excessive height for inter-state shipping, the 25 ft. long mobile substation was loaded using a heavy duty crane. This pulled the mobile substation’s winch and effectively rode it onto the detached RGN trailer, and the load was secured with chain rigging. The substation’s front and back parts were supported on the lowered trailer platform by its retractable stands which it uses during operations or when it’s not coupled to a tractor vehicle.

After the RGN trailer was attached to its drive unit, a pair of large tarpaulins was secured along for the ride just in case the weather deemed it necessary to use them. Jay knew the load requirements regulations for each of the four US states that the transport was passing through, and he accompanied the trailer as an on-transit logistician.

Safe and On Time Mobile Sub Station Delivery

The transport dispatched from Utah, following the I-40 East and the US-287 South for 1,208 miles, which took 28 hours. Jay and the team drove through the states of Arizona and New Mexico, and the load was checked for security and safety every 50 miles of the journey. The 8.6 ft. wide mobile substation load faced a few hours of delay at Albuquerque, NM, for which the client was informed with a phone call from Jay.

After going past Amarillo, Texas, the transport also came upon road construction on the I-40 E, and traffic management procedures were applied for a stretch of nearly 100 miles. Despite these challenges, the Heavy Haulers expert team under the leadership of Jay was able to navigate the Texan interstate highway for a seamless delivery in Dallas. Jay was connected to the Heavy Haulers extensive digital network that gave him real time road information and assisted in navigation.

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