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Shuttle bus transported on a step deck trailer

Shipping Multiple Shuttle Buses With Jason

Jason Foltz was entrusted with the shipping of two shuttle buses from Atlanta, Georgia to our clients home in Irving, Texas. After processing the paperwork, Jason directed our driver on the shipment. The two shuttle buses were loaded onto a flatbed trailer since it was suitable for the shipment and also the shuttle buses sat well. This being a delicate process, it required that the straps be securely tightened and fitted for the shuttle buses to retain the same position throughout the journey. Jason Foltz advised the driver to follow interstate 20 as it would be easy to beat the 13-hour time deadline.

Multiple Vehicles

Seamless Multiple Vehicle Transportation

Through the processes our driver articulately handled our client’s shuttle buses in a personalized manner. This is because he had sufficient understanding of both models that were on transit and therefore it was very easy to conduct inspections. The checkups were further made very easy because he was equipped with up to date machines to do so. Due to the choice of highway as directed by Jason, the driver arrived on time at the drop off point as requested by our client. On arrival the driver carefully offloaded the shuttle buses and helped our client put them in his garage. Our ultimate goal as a company is to satisfy our clients with safe and timely deliveries. Jason Foltz has facilitated transportation of other multiple shuttle buses and he always ensures they get to the drop off point on time.

Multiple Vehicle transport

Easy Heavy Machine Transportation

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Transport Specialist

Jason Foltz

Jason founded NTS over a decade ago out of his own home. With vision, perseverance, and dedication, Jason saw his dream of a successful logistics company grow from a single office to multiple offices across the country. He guides his team, leading by example so each person has the best chance at succeeding. The company and Jason’s dream continues to grow, and he’s proud of his team’s achievements.

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