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Hauling a Link Belt HC238A on a RGN trailer

Shipping a 1979 Link Belt HC238A

The 1979 Link Belt HC238A was bound to Memphis, TN 38106 from East Hartford, CT 0610. Our state of the art trailers and carriers are fitted with enough features to ship heavy loads and oversized loads to different locations countrywide. With the resources we have accumulated over the years, we make 1979 Link Belt shipments easier. Tye was in charge of the operation. With a team of specialists by his side, he set out to prepare the Link Belt for transport. The first step of the operation was to ensure the heavy machinery was ready for transport. Pre-checks were made around the trailer and the machinery. The tie straps and chains were counterchecked, and the shipping operation commenced.

Link Belt

Transporting a 1979 Link Belt Shipping Services To Tennessee

All our resources and equipment are regularly maintained to ensure the carriers and trailers can handle heavy load requests. Heavy Haulers is a leading heavy machinery and heavy equipment transportation service with affiliates located across the globe. We make 1979 Link Belt easier by using state of the art resources. When clients come to us looking to ship their heavy equipment, we assign specialists to handle transportation. Tye was appointed to ship the 1979 Link Belt Transport and carry out all the necessary logistical coordination.

During the planning phase, Tye and his team had to ensure all the details on the best route to use were accurately recorded. Each part of the operation was delegated to a specialist. After selecting the route, Tye loaded the 1979 Link Belt on the flatbed trailer and gave the driver all the permits and insurance documents. Within a short time, the 1979 Link Belt was loaded and ready for transit. The operation was intended to take two days or less.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of hauling step deck trailers is that you can tow a wide variety of equipment using the same trailer type. The design of the step deck enables tandem step deck trailers to haul a range of equipment as part of the same shipment.

Construction equipment, especially, is well suited to step deck trailer shipping methods, as even the most awkwardly shaped machinery can often safely fit onto the trailer, and multiple different types can be shipped in tandem.

Reliable 1979 Link Belt Transporting Services With Heavy Haulers

All our services are accessible to clients at a moment’s notice. Whether you are looking to ship a wide load, uniquely shaped load, or overweight load transport, we have specialists who have perfected the transportation of all heavy loads. At Heavy Haulers, we understand that the transport industry relies on fixed schedules; that’s why Tye and his team made the delivery before the stated deadline.

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Transport Specialist

Tye Forte

Tye has been with NTS for over five years now. He quickly rose through the ranks to become the Branch Manager of the Orlando office. He specializes in moving all heavy equipment and oversize loads.