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Shipping a 2019 Ford Transit T250 HR with Heavy Haulers

William Thomas

William Thomas

Senior Logistics Manager

Within a period of two days, Jamie Hovarth was expected to deliver a 2019 Ford Transit T250 HR Cargo Van to our client. This was from Clifton Park, NY to Mason City, Iowa. Jamie processed the shipment fastest possible and in a matter of hours informed one of our drivers in Clifton Park to pick a hotshot and head out to the vehicle’s location for loading. It was not long after the 2019 Ford Transit T250 HR Cargo Van had been loaded and secured that Jamie directed the driver to follow the Interstate Highway 90 W. Heavy Haulers helped clients seeking reliable heavy machinery or equipment shipping services. We provide heavy machinery and equipment shipping services at affordable rates.

It was not long after the 2019 Ford Transit T250 HR Cargo Van had been loaded and secured that Jamie directed the driver to follow the Interstate Highway 90 W.

Personalized 2019 Ford Transit T250 HR Cargo Van Shipping Services

Our driver had an easy time transporting the cargo van because there was coordination of events under the keen supervision of Jamie. After a rest through the night, Jamie contacted our driver who confirmed that he was just inspecting the vehicle before progressing. Some hours before the designated time for delivery, the driver was near the drop off zone. Our client was very pleased upon receiving a call informing him of it. On delivery, our drivers carefully offloaded the car and handed it over to the client in the same condition he had picked it up in. Heavy Heaulers we offer personalized heavy machinery shipping services depending on the vehicle at hand, the distance and also our clients choices and preferences to ensure they are fully satisfied.

Credible Ford Cargo Van Hauling

From the experience we have gained through our years of shipping heavy machinery and equipment we easily do so. Our teams work round the clock formulating easier and more customer friendly means of operation. Our technology is also up to date. For instance we have the best loading and unloading machinery on top of our trailers capable of shipping all our client’s heavy machinery or equipment anywhere in the country. Heavy Haulers, we are also equipped with trained and capable manpower. Call us today (800) 908-6206.

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Transport Specialist

Jamie Horvath

Jamie is a second generation logistics agent, which means he was practically raised in the business. He specializes in hauling oversize loads, terminal tractors, and shipping containers. With his lifelong transport experience, Jamie is one of the leading agents at NTS. His return clients always ask for him by name.


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