Shipping Bradford Built Truck Beds to All 50 States

Shipping Bradford Built Trucks to All 50 States

We provide shipping services for Bradford Built trucks, truckbeds, steel workbeds, aluminum workbeds, Steel 4Box Utility, Aluminum 4Box Utility, steel stepsides, contractor beds, Mustang Beds, bale spear beds & clamp beds. Heavy Haulers offer professional transport services for Bradford Built trucks in all 50 states.

Beginning with the steel workbed, Bradford Built, Inc. made a name for itself in durable work truckbeds. This American company offers a wide range of styles and features, all built for rugged work conditions. They can come with or without utility toolboxes. Whether you work in construction, agriculture, or any other job that calls for top-quality aluminum or steel truckbeds, Bradford Built is one of the best-selling manufacturers.

There are various types of Bradford Built Truck Beds and some of these include:

 ● Steel Workbed
 ● Aluminum Workbed
 ● Steel 4Box Utility
 ● Aluminum 4Box Utility
 ● Steel Stepside
 ● Contractor Bed
 ● Mustang Bed
 ● Bale Spear Bed
 ● Clamp Bed

Heavy Haulers Can Transport Your Bradford Built Truck Beds

Bradford Built, Inc. is an American manufacturer of pickup truck beds for work vehicles. They provide a wide assortment of durable options to suit even the most demanding jobs. Heavy Haulers provides professional transport services for Bradford Built trucks to any U.S. destination.

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