2WD Tractor Specs and Dimensions

When buying or selling a new or used 2WD tractor, it’s important to have accurate specifications, and size of the one you need. Heavy Haulers is your one stop shop when it comes to specs, dimensions and weight of 2WD tractors from all manufacturers. We’ve compiled unique specs of 2WD tractors from all manufacturers. This way, you can easily compare specs of 2WD tractors from different manufacturers before purchasing one. 2WD tractor manufacturers release new models now and then. Therefore, without having accurate specs of the agriculture 2WD tractor you need, it’s easy to buy one that doesn’t fit your job site. When choosing a 2WD tractor, it’s important to look for one with specs and dimensions that fit your job environment. You should consider the size of your farm and choose accordingly. For large scale farmers for example, you need to consider buying a 2WD tractor with a high horsepower because there’s a lot to do and vice versa. Some other specs to consider in a 2WD tractor should be lift capacity and comfort. It’s also important to note that the length, width, height and weight of a 2WD tractor you purchase should fit on a trailer for easy transport. To find specs and dimensions of any 2WD tractor on our database, you can look up its model, manufacturer or industry. Our specialists recommend the most suitable trailer to transport 2WD tractors from all manufacturers based on their specs, dimensions and weight.

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2WD Tractor Specs & Dimensions
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  • McCormick
  • New Holland
  • Ursus
  • Valtra
  • YTO